Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tey Kayvin = Teeko bin (hamsap face)
Zhi Ang = Zhiang gouniao, gounai, ma wang, ma hang, ji wang, zhiang gou zhu lang, zhiang nai ang, zhiang sipeh niao, shuang tou niao, zhi ang ma nai, zhiang ji nai
William = Ba Liang, Volume!
Neo = Pepe Neo, Neo Chin Cau
ChiaHui = kongmong, kapai
Jin Sheng = Chen ren xiao
Yonghaw = Bahua, Bohua, Ma Hua, Jiu Yong Hua
Yeekiat = Ng Yee Tat, Ng Kueh Tat, Huang Yi Da, Huang Guo Tat
Zi Khai = ziki!
Yaw Theng = Yaw Dog! Hu Yao Gou!
MengHong = Ah Fei, Fei Fei
Ang = Ji wai Ang, Zhu Gou bu ru ang
Eugene = you jin, ong lai
Eddy = eddy gong!
Haojie = hou ji, yo ji
yongsern = bird thong siao

You know, my memory hasnt been good. Write it down here, so when I go back, I wont forget how to call you all! :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When self-esteem runs low

All these 3 photos taken in 2008 showed something: I was full of confident of myself.
NOT now.
I cant even find a picture of me taking photo with confident
I cant even answer a tutorial question during tutorial class. Talking to lecturer? I dare not even open my mouth in fronta them
Thats me in transition.
I became quiet, i fooled around to cover how lowly I looked at myself now.
I miss the cocky look of mine, the cocky smile of mine
I miss the old Tay Zi Li.
The one that full of confident, willing to accept any challenge, and thinks himself is a genius :P :P
Or at least, half of the old me?

Monday, March 29, 2010

A sudden thought

If the distance is too far, there is no way you can pull it close together.
Once I thought I might be superman, I mean as long as I work hard and fight for it, I will get it.
But. . . no no
There are too many things that I cant do.
I am turning 20, and I've just realised that.
I hope its not too late.
Tell me that its still not too late to wake up.
The journey goes on, and I have to follow up.
Too many things are out of my control
Perhaps I should just take a step back,
Fade-away jumper rather than driving layup shot? haha

I believe until I am old, I will still remember the awesome birthday party I had in Form5.
I couldnt even count how many people were there.
And for once, I felt that I was the luckiest person in the world.

ps: to ChiaHui (if you are reading this): can we do a joint party again next year? :) and I will remember Malaysia timing to wish you at 12am sharp. (Y). hopefully this time, Zhi Ang is slower abit again.hahhaha

Song of the day:
Wang LeeHom - Zai Mei Bian
For once, my DAD - not the real one - but Loh Yong Chin, the one that passes Ketua Activity post for me said this: Tay Zi Li, you damn chiolor can sing this. I wana learn as well.
Just to let you know: I always think that he is super chio.
so to get the compliment from him, means alot to me. haha :)


Sunday, March 28, 2010

I miss explaining everything to you.
from your blurry face, till your smile with satisfaction.
with what i thought was a sincere compliment: zho mo ni jiang li hai de?
to my shy smile back at you, and say: ni blur ba liao, bu shi wo li hai.
and you ll smile back, blurry again
I miss the days when you have questions, you will come to me straight.
you made me feel that i was needed, and i thought that was the reason why i existed in your life.
and now, its all gone.

A song that explains the current me:

Stephanie Sun - Wo Huai Nian de :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

There is this saying that guys dont cry even if its bleeding.
Memang, we dont cry when its physically hurts
we cry when we are emotionally hurts.
Alexander Frei, I know you guys dunno who the heck is he, cried when he pulled his hamstring during World Cup. He didnt cry because of pain, he cried because he knows his world cup campaign is gone. he was emotionally sad.
Ryan Shawcross cried after the horrific tackle on Ramsay. Did he suffer any physical pain? again, NO! But he regretted of what he did, he was, too, emotionally "attacked"
Huang Yi Liang cried when he got the hong xin da jiang. I bet you all dunno him as well. He cried because he finally got the recognition from people for his hardwork all these years.

I never ashamed that I am actually a "crybaby"
so what?
You dont cry for 20 years and you cry once a week, is there any difference?
crying doesnt make you childish, it doesnt show you are weak either.
For me, as long as the tears are worth crying for, it is alright.
and the tears for the love, is priceless.
its either they are extraordinary, i am normal.
or i am extraordinary, they are normal.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Girl Friends :)

I always believe that guys need close/good girl "buddy"
its like magnet. N attached with S. :)
Perhaps aku gianbu? but then i find it easier when i wana confide something, especially relationship stuffs with my GF. haha girl friends!:P
No need to intro much, as they are all as famous as me :P :P
Perhaps I am little known standing beside them.
but again, I just wana say: thanks all of them for always being there for me when i need them :)

To: the 2nd prettiest friend I have: *** Jessica Chiang a.k.a: Jessica Cilaka!
Well, I call her Bibica now, but thats not originated from me:P
She's a Banana, Im Chinese educated.
She finds football boring, Im addicted to football.
She's pretty, Im ugly
but somehow: we can talk! :)
its amazing.
I cant calculate how much time i've actually spent with her during my 3 year's "Subang life"
pergi pyramid, sunway's library, took bus together balik muar
and even: dabao food from Taylor's and send it to Sunway :P :P
talked on the phone almost 2hours to discuss on continuing ACCA
you nearly broke my record k? :P
You should be proud with this:
Everyone knows I hate to take taxi, i thought its a waste of $$
In March 2009, *beep beep* : eh miss me? dinner at pyramid?
And I thought it was long time we never met, so TAXI! to reach there faster :)
proud mou? btw, if you forgot where did we eat, it's teppanyaki.
and I drove my sis's car after that. remember le mou? :P
so without the one that motivates me to study, as you've already graduated, i cant seem to get going on my studies. you should've failed! :( hahahah
I choose this because: I wore the shirt that you made for me! :) and you actually look great :P

and her femme fatale: TingXin a.k.a: kekeke is another buddy! :P
I seriously think the amount of SMS i ve sent to you is like = or even more than my ex-es! :S:S
She's trendy, aku kampung
She's radical, aku old-fashioned
She's fun, aku dull.
I also dont know why boleh jadi kawan baik! haha
I was telling Kris and Penny that day (my classmates): the best present i ve ever received was from Kate. proud mou? to tell the truth, i wonder if i will ever receive a better present! :)
my bad habit inherited from you wei: reading SMS-es! :S:S
I remember even though last time i had so many tuitions, but only Bio is the one i look forward the most. because thats the only same tuition we had?
dont cry yeah :P :P
Kekeke, you're lucky! i got tonnes of ur ugly photos. xD
I assumed that she wore Arsenal on my farewell because she knew i like Arsenal. Dont tell me the real reason pls. haha

While TingXin is knowned as ang zang, her "latak" friend: JooKim a.k.a Juki is one of the longest girl friend that I've known
but this one cannot describe too much. later misunderstanding sial :P :P :P
you know why! :)
peng you qi, bu ke qi xD

Juki, sorry. that's the only pic i can find in my lappie that we took together! :) those days..

If Juki is the girl friend that i known for the longest, then second longest has got to be Katherine Kang a.k.a Kartini! :P :P
this is one of the nickname that i m proud of. because this nickname is famous sial! :P
We were very close while in Standard 6. I was.. erm, a lil too noisy? then zhang lao shi put me at the middle of all girls! :) Kartini unfriendly told me "qing ni bu yao tai cao"
not a good start to our friendship ha?
but who knows, after 2 weeks, my teacher actually regretted putting me with a bunch of girls! because i made them all noisy.
but if you say Kartini is quiet, you must be kidding.
She's the most talkative girl i ve ever met :P eh, that's a compliment. I believe she can communicate well with other as well. but its just comfortable talking to her.
those day while you me chaixian yiling gossiping everyday! :P Roy eh? hahahahhahahahhaha
my secondary 5 years was the 5 years she went missing in my life. and then surprisingly, we ended up in Taylor's together! :)
i really treasure the day when both of us sitting in fronta Taylor's front gate. It was night time and we were looking at the sky, reminiscing the past :)
i really treasure the long-lasting friendship.
your part will be the longest, you know why?
because you predicted that i will be the most successful person among ONS! :P :P :P hahahha.
no la, but i believe we can share everything.
more photos when i go back?

Ooops, this photo looks wrong. :P but this is the ONLY photo we have together. surprising! :P

While we were in taylors, or should i say when i go library, its either Kartini or my SAM buddy: Delwyn a.k.a De Yun! :P
Satu Kuantan, Satu Muar
Sama sama datang Subang
Apa apa pun tak faham
My SAM year was filled with joy, and this girl played a big part.
we seem to have this "muo qi" to know what the other s thinking! :)
thats hard to find.
I believed we are meant to be good friends, even though the more important people came in your life eh :P:P
I miss the rainy day when I teman you back to your place. perhaps i didnt express myself well, but you know when you need someone, i am always here :)
I believe the joy on my face when see you in INTI each time, explains how much i value you as my buddy! :)

de yun, i personally like this picture. so . :P

Friends dont have to talk too often, but when they do, its as if they are talking everyday! :)
this applies to our friendship wei!
and who's the creator of this phrase?

Priscilla Leow a.k.a Duaham!
You should be proud!
I ve known Juki for 11 years, Kartini for 9 years, Kekeke and Bibica for 6 years, and Delwyn for 3years ++
But you?!!! mere 2 years ++ and you are in this post.
dim? proud mou? XD
this is no joke but I actually said this duaham is the type of girl i like when X asked me like in law class, which girl is my type
well, that only explains that she s sporty! hard to find a girl as sporty as her wei
aku taekwondo black, dia karake kaki
aku suka badminton, dia badminton freak
another thing! aku benci club. dia pun sama!:P
and she always happened to be on the "right" place at the "right" time. haha
thats why initially it's sorta like i was "forced" to tell her secret sial :P
but i've gotta say thanks for jogging to morrisson (the place where we get our groceries), all the badminton sessions, travelling around, and etc. we have in UK.
i really appreciate you were there for me during that event :)
thanks. and being so far away from my family and O.N.S, at least I have a buddy to share my life with:)
p/s: we just had naked talk like 1hour ago?

Friends are easy to get.
Good Friends arnt.
I feel really blessed to have ONS and this "fantastic 6" girls in my life.
I know you all will be there for me whenever i need you
So do i!!
I may not have 3000++ friends in my friends list, but for me, the close to 30 close friends i have, are well and truly enough :)
p/s: bibica, invite me to ur blog? :P

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Translation for Jessica? :P

Others laughed me too crazy (Orang ejek aku terlalu gila)
I laughed them being too blur (Aku ejek dia terlalu kabur)
Others laughed me not united (Orang ejek aku tak sama kumpulan)
I laughed them too dull (Aku ejek dia tak tahu benda!)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thierry Henry v Arsenal

in 2006 Champions League Final, Thierry Henry led Arsenal to face Barcelona. He didnt score, but how he tricked Puyol, how he carried the whole Arsenal attack all by his own, was deeply craved in my heart
my email address: -the th in front, if you do not realise, it actually stands for
Thierry Henry - the initials of my idol!

my laptop wallpaper, is this:

Since I started watching football, Henry has always = Arsenal.
I watched how Wenger converted him from a left-winger to the deadliest striker in the world
I watched how he missed so many opportunity to score before he finally got his 1st goal for Arsenal
I watched how he scored his 100 EPL goal, how he got his 200 goals for arsenal.
I am not lying: but my tears just cant hold anymore.
just watch this:

people, if you say Rooney is the complete player or the best now, you must have not watch Thierry Henry played.
I remember his best season, 30 goals, 14 assists.
and Rooney is still no where near there in EPL.
I am not saying Rooney is not good, but with Thierry Henry at his prime, Rooney has to keep skin.
I said Messi is great. But has he won World Cup? No.

Duaham, you said Nasri s goal was superb, take a look at this 2 goals from Henry:

nasri's goal was against porto, this one is against the mighty MU! and the MU keeper was the best in the world that time.

if its not that impressive, look at this:

from one end to another end.

the thing is: Henry is the player that create history. our invincible season in 2004. 38 matches wihtout a defeat! :)

is Ian Wright better? NO! because:
1. henry score more goals
2. henry had a lot more assists than him
3. I am not meant to be biased, but Wright played when Dennis Bergkamp was in his prime as well. to play alongside the 2 times runners-up of FIFA world player of the year, make things easy
4. even Wright said: what Henry has done, its remarkable.

I was deeply influenced by him as well. i believed the day when he retired, and in another 10 years, when another striker brings the ball from left, cut in, and curl the ball towards the far post: the commentator would say: this is a Thierry Henry goal.

for me, each time if i score a goal like that, i would celebrate it greatly: its a tribute to my idol :)
Thierry Henry - the King of Highbury - the Legend of Arsenal

I never blamed him for leaving, but I couldnt bear if he scores against us.

The day is as gloomy as the end of the world.
the legacy of thierry henry, long lives in my heart!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I never hide the fact that how much i love my gang :)
Even though i never mention in front of them.
I just feel so proud, and so warm - to have you all in my life.
I have been doing well, i mean adapting well here.
and after 6months, and as I busy studying, pressure accummulates, I really miss you guys! :)

I miss the call from ChiaHui, and say: long ah, zhun bei yi xia. wo 10 mins dao ni jia.
I miss the time we had - i mean talking to him.
I miss Zhi Ang for always there for me when I need people to hear my rant.
and i really appreciate when I know whatever problems i face, i can go to them straight for their opinions, or just confide with.
I miss Neo too. as being someone as passionate as i in football, our futsal session never ends :)
I miss LeePoh as well even though we seldom "naked talk". I miss every moment when singing at your place!
I miss YeeKiat! perhaps you dont remember, but we had our tough moment during form4 camp, and thank godd both of us survived with such a lao lan patrol! and sincerely, I miss your joke!
I miss ang + william + zi khai! with you all around, laughter never ends!
I cant remember when s the last time that i laugh happily here.
crack some joke for me can?
I miss jinsiao as well! teasing him and bully him make my day!
I miss yawdog! without you, my comp got problem how?
I miss haojie! the 4 rubbishes of Wawasan wouldnt be formed, without you and Menghong!
I miss menghong as well! perhaps we dont talk as much as we expect to be, but somehow i feel so comfortable when i see you that time! the ONS s power?
Did i miss out anyone?
But i do miss everyone! :)
Hasnie Seafood, water polo at my place, football at big stadium.
every moment we spent, is a valuable diamond in our heart!

I have to calm down! :(

I have bad temper.
inherited from my dad i suppose.
I know since young mummy had been trying to control my temper.
I know until now, my temper is still bad, but I am trying my best to control it.
right now, i need something to let me beat! :@
I hope to shout loud loud.
I remember Henry's arrogant face when he scored a few seasons ago.
The best way to shut people up and to show your quality and frustration is: ACTION!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Exam's approaching sooner than I've expected.
I thought I'd have more time to prepare.
I know I cant screw this up. 1 Month to prepare everything.
I dont believe luck in exam - I believe in preparation.
If you get the questions that you want for exam, thats not luck
That's because you're smart enough to spot it.
my logic:P
so, i should really start spoting Questions now. XD

I always think about what I missed, and I think that was my driving force - never be satisfied with what I've done
from my idol - Thierry Henry :)

I'm still hungry for it. I need to get the results I want.
and hopefully, at the end of the day:

Shouting for Success!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birthday Wish

My sister’s birthday is another 2 days to go. Everytime when her birthday is approaching, I will automatically start thinking of my birthday wish.

Perhaps I read too many story books, perhaps I am too unrealistic, but I do, always believe that:


Since young, everytime my sis’s birthday coming, I will start to panic. What should I choose to wish on my birthday.

When I was 8: I hope I can grow taller. I want to be as tall as Kevin (one of the Backstreet Boys)

When I was 9: I hope I can “jump” PTS. My sole aim last time was to be better than my 3jie. Haha

When I was 10: I hope I can use my left hand + left leg equally as my right – so that I am a genius! J

When I was 11: I actually wish that my classmates and I all can end up in same school. That was impossible though, because I ended up in boys school.

When I was 12: I hope I can be like Beckham – I mean physically. :P hahahahah

When I was 13: I think this is the best wish I have made: I hope my family is always happy and there will be no conflict between family members

When I was 14: I hope I am as good as Thierry Henry – football is really my life!

When I was 15: I hope Tan Weiyi will like me. Hahaha. That is when my life started going downwards

When I was 16: I actually hope my Ketua Activity post can stay with me forever.

When I was 17: Another wish regard to my family: I hope my dad and mum can stay healthy and wait me to earn enough money for me to bring them travel around the world and stay in big big house!

When I was 18:

When I was 19:

I made the same dream for the past two years. The dream that will never come true: however I achieved part of the dream and the dream had left me, forever.

As I am happily think back of all the wishes I made, sadness creep in. I know I cannot afford to make the same wish again.

Tay Zi Li: make another wish, k?

And yes, I believe wishes will come true. J