Monday, March 31, 2008

The day when i see the possible revival of Total Football

Half time, 2-0 down, 1 man off. Come back seems impossible especially when ur not winning for 5matches in the BPL.
U need something special to do it. Wenger did.
On the hour mark, he bravely intro Adebayor n Walcott into the pitch. and its all different.Monsieur Wenger took off Senderos, centre back, to subs with Walcott. an attacker.
by then, Arsenal shift Toure to the centre, with Gallas. in Fact, walcott was asked to play as Wing Back with Clichy. so the formation seems to be 2-5-2.2 defensive players as seen in the formation wise, but when Bolton attack, Clichy drop back, Walcott, and Flamini too. make it 5-3-1.
Basically, Walcott was alone on the right flank. i could see Gallas in the penalty box of Bolton, where Flamini dropping back to fill his gap. Adebayor drop tp the left, while Hleb and fabregas make forward runs. look at the 2nd goal, it was the initial Flamini shot that lead to it. yeah, even him attack. see where was Walcott, in the penalty area also, a wing back. but Van Persie, a striker, was way behind the goal.
that was the essence, everyone can attack, everyone can defend. defender attack then attacker drop back to defend. with the change of position, it make the defenders diff to defend. we couldn't see the diffrence between 10men or 11men. becos everyone is covering each other.
i watched the only Dutch game of 1988 2yrs ago, TOTAL FOOTBALL. one match and i m in love. A shadow of that is enough for me.
Final score, Bolton 2- 3 Arsenal

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The strong one doesn't always win, the one who wins is strong"

this is the phrase used by Franz Beckenbauer, the 1st player who played the position as "sweeper". though in modern games, the position seems to be out dy, but frens that play FM should know this position.
i personally very like this statement.
i heard his interview about his famous statement. i was totally admired with his thinking.
who cares if u r considered the so-called "strong", u don win, u arnt strong.
people will only remember the winner. there will only be a winner, a strong team, a strong player.
of course i think this not only applies in football, but in real life too. the one who wins is strong.
its a encouragement for me actually, before giving any fight, no one knows who is strong.
Since young, i always think i need to equip myself to be strong, then be a winner, which sometimes makes me arrogant. now i know that, there are many factors leading to success. just being "strong' wun bring u to anywhere. at the end of the day, the winner is strong. u r not strong if u have not won.
People might think its sounds extreme, maybe i didnt use the proper English to present my thoughts. i m too lazy to type out in Chinese
i put it in chinese : 强者不一定胜,胜者是强的
strong businessman in making =p Come on!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Stop playing us --> my views and my thoughts

Arsenal drew again last night. again, against a lower team. Everyone was saying that it comes to the stage where Arsenal are dropping in the title race, conceding it to MU. Well, maybe. But there is something i would like to say here.
Referee is playing his part in the title race!
i ll take last nite match as an example.
Adebayor scored a perfectly goal ruled offside. the referee was within 5yards away, yet he looked to the linesman, who is around 20yards away for advise. he was in an offside position, but the ball played to him was the opponent, not his teammates! hey mark halsey, did u pass your referee lisence test?
To the goal scored by Middlesbrough, the referee awarded free kick to them when he ruled that Adebayor fouled. it was a mere body contact and he blew it. shortly after the goal, Eboue was checked by Pogetetz in the area [ much worse than the contact Adebayor made that constituted to a freekick], and he said play on!
My point is, Arsenal could have won the game easily, but the referee spoil the game.
i wun be argueing if this is the 1st time i feel referee gone against Arsenal.
Against birmingham [where Eduardo broke his leg], its never a penalty for Birmingham. Clichy clearly touched the ball, perfect tackle. it was further affirmed by Martin Tyler, the most influencial commentator in premier league.
The impact u all see here is 4 points, but its not the case actually.
imagine if Arsenal collected all 3 points in these matches, their confidence is high, there are still leading the table. in the road for title race, mental plays the biggest part.
okay, i m not putting all the responsibility on the referee but merely stating my dissatisfaaction on the standard of referring we had in the last few weeks, especially it all went against my team.
i'm predicting MU to be the premier league champion, Barca or MU the UEFA champion.
Arsenal need another season, and a natural left winger. i stated it many times. Mr Wenger, are you aware? Downing is an option.
Football is the field where i release my anger and frustration.
Back to contract now. =)
i hope there is a surprise 2mr, i hope. stating again, hope

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dhiraj's farewell

i was back in muar last week, mainly to attend Dhiraj's farewell party. he is going to India to further his studies. Another fren gone. Haih. i'll let pictures do the talking.

Cam-whoring before the party. notice that the hair was ok.

Joker singh and i..

The shirt that everyone of us signed in. i personally think its quite nice!haha
Us! its nice that almost everyone was there


See my hair, sucks! the wax was totally useless. haha. anyway, 4 rubbishs of 5wawasan with dhiraj

Monday, March 3, 2008

Gathering [L1]

Yeah, we had a gathering at rain's house. its been quite a long time since i last saw Crystal. really long huh? i mean i used to meet up with joeZer,rain, foo, delwyn etc. its nice to meet WeeJeen again=p many couldn't make it though. Eng Yeou, Jean, Carlye. hey where r u all? ok Jean was in Australia dy. =s
Here is some pics taken.

Us! the last time we took photo together should be 2 months ago?

Wee Jeen and i..looking for the future in seperate ways.
Crystal and i.. she just cant leave TIMES of her begXD
Me and Rain. Glad that we keep in touch always!

Me and delwyn. should have come Taylor's huh? anyway, i like this photo.hehe.

Random pic.haha

It's really nice to meet up. When is the next gathering?