Thursday, July 17, 2008

It was early in the morning, when mum called me saying that daddy was in hospital
in China.
Mum was crying and i wanted to, too
But i cant.
Acted like i was strong, telling my mum not to worry, i was worried actually.

Handphone rang again.
This time is Zhun Kit, asking for my number, he was in college.
I guessed the results would be out too.
It turned out to be a good news.
I was happy, no doubt.
I was happy, my mum finally got something to cheer for while worry about dad.

It means a lot to me. If only dad didnt had anything
it will be better.
Anyway, there is always rainbow after the rain, isnt it ?

I reached my goal this time around, finally.
I was telling myself, why not give it a go.
Thanks for myself. Tay Zi Li.
You are there to prove people wrong.
And you got the reward for yourself.
I almost cry, indeed.
Perhaps its been a long time since i make them proud.

Out of expectation, never think that i can do better than what i expected.
I should be happy.
and yes i am.
if only my GPL and Criminal can get higher.

So muar people, one 'xi mi lu" for each of u all ?
I can afford rm1.2 though.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Criminal Law
i cant believe i screwed up my best subject. i was aiming to get one of the top in my class, but i think i will end up even failing! Guarentee one of the lowest in the class already. And i still cant get over it. All the hardwork and further reading -- gone
Contract Law
i must say, Ms Sunitha really inspire me. There is only one thing in my mind, i must get above 60 and get the surprise present from her. Im the only one who got this privillege.haha. nice huh? i think i did ok. hopefully can get the surprise prersent! thanks ms for contract law. it was the toughest subject, but when i got into the hall, it was like not that tough at all!
Tort Law
What you expect. i cant possible how many cases we need to remember for tort. hundreds and hundreds of cases without case list. nothing! and my brain is like blank when i got into exam hall. I think i managed to pass. Just.
General Principles Of Law
Tay Zi Li's prediction is always accurate. this statement i always say. 50% consider accurate? no no no.. seems like i gotta stop saying this phrase. anyway i prepared the 50%, so hopefully i can score it. i crapped alot in GPL. if its correct, 2nd upper is not a dream, if its wrong, i cant think of the consequences.

anyway, exams finally over! the joy was only 30mins. after that i feel the emptiness again. life is so pathetic when you are aimless. hmph. looking forward to busy myself with the law asia mooting stuff and august, attachment! thinking of what should i do in September. .
The smiles after exam. my Blog got photos after all!!!haha.

Monday, July 7, 2008

i screwed up my criminal.
i put in extra effort
yet the answer i wrote out its like a student who never study
people say dont dwell over it.
i cant even answer to myself.
and people still thinking i will do well
as if i am so stupid that dunno where i stand
contract played important part
i badly needed a boost
it delivered.
i hope i didnt disappoint Ms Sunitha
i set the standard lower this time
and its more satisfactory as i didnt put in so high expectation
maybe im too much into it.
its not how much you studied
but how well can you answered
backfire me once and the remaining two,
wait and see
learnt a lesson and rearing to go