Monday, September 15, 2008

just finished packing my stuff.. going off to office again
guess wat, Im going JB for a business trip with lawyers!!!!!!
should be tonight's flight
wish me good luck=p

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tag -- Four Four Two, The boy's a bit special

1. Nicknames:
Zi Long, Joker, Bali, Ziki (its all bullshit) but if someone suddenly shouted joker in the middle of no where, i will turn back=p Chiahui used to call me "long ar" though

2. Team Supported:
Arsenal since i was 8 and till i die. the theme of my blog show how much im in love with Arsenal. I liked Lazio when Veron,Crespo were there. Barcelona and Atletico Madrid for Spainish team, of coz, Barca coz of thierry Henry

3. Strenghs:
Im fleet-footed, the ability to use both legs remain my strong play. I guess my intelligence on the pitch?

Everyone knows - my speed. im just too slow. and my strenghs, tough defender makes horrid time for me.

5.I play a bit like:
Adrian Mutu or a more attacking Zidane. Of course im nothing compared to them, but i think the style is alike. I like to cut in from left. Like wat Thierry Henry like to do, just that my speed is too slow!

Theirry Henry! I see him grow, now seeing him retiring=s

Two goals against Chung Hwa with my right ankle injured. Both goals scored by left foot, it was then i started learning left foot.

8. Lowlights:
Last year vs Chung Hwa. i was sick and i m pracitcally useless in the 45mins. it was really bad performance

Its really fun doing this. brings back all the memory. too bad none of my mates write blog=s Mr Lai Mun Onn, u wanna try it ?hahahahaha.. Yaw Theng, do this if u update ur blog

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And she's gone to Poland! I really hate KLIA, everytime need to control my emotion and you know wat, im going there again next week!!
Had a tough week, i wanna see the picture!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008