Tuesday, January 29, 2008


放风筝时, 是美好的

Saturday, January 26, 2008


i went to see 鉄打 this morning. felt uncomfortable with my knee. Guess why?
i only have myself to blame for. when my fren wanted to strike a ball and he totally miss-skilled, i laugh. Just when i starting to laugh, "ha", i heard a sound. its from my knee. i knew something happen
however it didnt affected me until i bathed and wanted to sleep last nite.i cant scretch my leg. haih
luckily i was just a minor twist of knee, after he helped me to relocate my knee, i ask him to look at my ankle.
i vividly remember one friday at the end of form4, i badly injured my ankle, all thanks to yaw dog for his tackle ! i remembered when i was striking the ball, he slided in. i saw the ball going into the net as i falling down, but i got no mood or whatsoever to celebrate. i shouted. it was pain like shit. that time most of them didnt notice i injured as a goal jus scored. but then when they took off the boot, i cant move my ankle.i remembered William shouted at yaw dog :" you sunday want become striker is it? tackle like shit wan people die meh?"i think i scolded yaw dog also. now think back feel so childish. who would have intented to injure the other.
the next day when i went to school,(got extra class on saturday) my ankle is like an egg. so big! nite i went for movie with frens,i cant walk properly.
Sunday after the match with Chung Hwa, i played with my left leg
After the match, i remember doctor said the injury wun cure so soon. its a bad injury.
since then i always wear an ankle guard when playing football/ futsal
and now today, he turned and twisted my ankle, he said that my ankle has no problem anymore! yeah i was so happy!! but i will continue to use the ankle as he recommend to continue to do so to protect the "soft" ankle.
Looking back, i actually should thank yaw dog for that tackle. after that i forced myself to use left-foot more often in order not to aggravate the right ankle.
anything bad thing happen, there is always a good thing accompany. dont get beatendown on any challeges!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Days without theirry Henry -- 213th day

Arsenal just suffered the heaviest defeat in about 2 years?
Though its just a CArling cup ( spurs, u want the cup? take then =p), somehow i believe if Henry is in, this thing wun happen
or i should say this defeat make me think of him.
Arsenal has been going "too" well i should say, a heavy defeat hope can wake them up, they haven won anything yet!
i can feel Fabregas is getting arrogant, Walcott is not developing upon expectation. Van Persie not playing as "Henry- successor".
yeah, maybe they now more prone to teamwork, but i still feel there is lack of leadership in the team. a talismatic man is missing
Henry, we miss you!!
i believed like u said, u will come bec here 1 day!
we will wiat for u!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

hello to 2008.Yeah, a brand new year
2007 is a memorable year, things happened and passed.
2008 will be great, (i hope so=p)
i'm starting my degree as a law student in Taylor's, currently only studied for 1 lesson, i still don't know whether i can cope with it. i have 5 subjects this year( year 1), but actually i wuill finish my YEar 1 in july.Hectic! and each subject's textbook is just like a small dictionary! hope i don need to eat in all the text books.haha
i talked to JiYan the other day, she is still 17, same as me!haha. this year i will turn 18, adult! its nothing to cheer about for me. i always like to be a children, small. as i grow up, more and more happiness will silently runaway from me. 18! and its age for me to take care of myself =s i know i m dependant. can i stay childish forever?

Intro another song to my frens. watch the MV. again, i feel this song is super nice. from different point of view to listen to this song will have different feeling. i m not gonna intro the songs i like that are famous. i share this "not-so-famous" with u all. hope u all like it
oops, forgot
this song is from SHOW LUO ZHI XIANG -- WO BU HUI CHANG GE

Friday, January 4, 2008

Cheng Feng-- Wang Lan Ying

i super like this song, its very nice to hear. i think maybe this song not that famous, so i would like to share hear. listen!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


i think everyone knows i like show luo zhi xiang or in chinese 罗志祥。
Of course the artist that i most admired is JAY CHOU, SHOW considered 2nd place gua.haha.
i remember i starting to like him when he starred in "romeo" v o di. Then when he released his 2nd personal album "DA REN" SHOW, i was attracted to his dancing skills. yeah, many people like MACHI, RAIN.somehow i feel the way they dance a lil too "strong", Show's dancing was like more gentle, and more "convenient" to watch. And most importantly, he always smile when he dance, make people happy to watch him dance too.
not just his dancing skills, i realised some of his "slow" songs quite nice to hear too.
He said before :"i like to show"
yeah, i like to see him show also
as time goes on, his dancing skills is improving.
i remembered last CNY when we were in kayVin's house, i watched him dance until i shouted! Kayvin's mum was like " what's wrong with u? what happen?"
yeah, watching him dance is a pleasure. like wat William said before, SHow got his own style

he is good in acting too. "Corner With Love" is simply best. And this series has important meaning to me too =p
he is talented and with the hardwork he put in, he succeed now
i hope 1 day, i can show like him. everything...
Like SHow said :"sharing is beautiful, sharing = happy". maybe that's why i like to sing.Everyone has dream, so do i.