Monday, December 31, 2007

China Camp

took this outside the airport.i din know "shen Zhen" is just 30mins away to Hong Kong!

delicious breakfast there.

famous "xiang zi" bridge. its a bridge where the centre part is made up of boats. at nite time, the boats will remove, letting the other boats to pass through. at day time, the boat will form like the pic, to let people walk pass! its simply superb

"gu cheng qiang".To protect the town from japanese army last time. it just like what we saw in the movie!

went to the kampung area where my ancestors lived.
hahahaha.toilet without door, u dare to release here?hahahahahalike i promised, i will upload the photos i took in china. a camp without friends and family =s.
10days is a great experience. exposed myself to the culture of china. i started to admire our ancestors, come all the way from china.To go back and take a look there is great!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

King & Prince

The king is the one who rules the country.

he has 4 daughters and a son

A prince.

everyone thought that the prince live in a happy life, afteral, he is the only son the king has.

well, not everytime what we think is correct.

the prince cant remember when is the last time he and his father had a proper conversation.

the prince knew that whatever he did the king will have something to criticise about.

as it goes, the prince rather keep his things from the king

the king wanted the prince to study

the prince did

but whatever good results the prince got, he never get a compliment from the king.

as it goes, the prince dont even like to study

the prince s freinds always thought that he can organise thing, a princess from other country even said that the time management of the prince is superb.

the king devoted the prince
but he never try to understand what the prince think
he planned the path for the prince, where sometimes the prince has his own thought.
maybe the king has to let the prince to say out what he thought, maybe what the prince thought is better than the king thought.
the king rules the country, but doesnt mean he is a perfect person =p

Saturday, December 29, 2007


sometimes i just like to go out from my house or my room
a sudden pressure i ll feel at home due to certain reasons
i like go out, find myself a breathing place
afteral i know that next year i wun haave much of the time to relax
the real challenge is up
thank god i still have one week of holiday
so frens, when i ask u all out, please come out k?
haha..jus kidding
again, as we gotta celebvrate yonghaw s bday 2nite, another year gone.
i dunno why i oways don feel good when coming towards end of the year
one thing, to my taylors frens, i start to miss you all again!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

i was about to update with my china trip's pictures..too bad my comp is just too point i update my blog abt china trip's without pictures rite?
time flies, a year gone just like that.
i still can remember last year when i was confusinf on which course to choose from.and now i finished my SAM. Law programme starting soonX(
no doubt, this year passed too fast.
to sum up, this could be my best year,in the sense that i think i learned many things this year.
ugly faces, ugly hearts
life-long friends
i regarded this year is a year that challeged friendships, dont u think?
i lost contact with so many of my friends, because its just too busy!!!what a hectic year and i cant imagine how busy it will be next year.
anyway to achieve a satisfactory results is good, i now can totlaly relax for this remaining few days.
a BBQ party at my hz to gather back our friends is good.wish every1 the best in coming years

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Henry left, there s Walcott fill his boot.
when things gone, they say there s always a replacement.
yeaH perhaps Walcott is Henry s replacement
afterall, both of them are pacey, skillful, right-footed and most importantly, their intellegence.
As Arsenal climbing to the top of the premier league table, people start to forget Thierry Henry.
maybe thats the replacement people talk about.
again, illusion
As the fans thought(including myself) that we can forgot about our talismatic man, actually we dont.
when i saw Arsenal missing something on thier left flank, which "made" Clichy to attack more and more, actually Arsenal is missing Henry.
yeah, we all miss him.
walcott? maybe a useful player to Arsenal, maybe the next legend, but one thing, he can never be Henry

yeah, illusion
thats our live, isnt it?
As the precious thing gone, we always trying to find replacement,
but i will remember,
i've lost it
there can never be a perfect replacement
and even till now
i miss her.

will walcott be Arsenal legend?

you all must be thinking i m crazy coz this post is so random.
hope those who understand me will know the explicit meaning i like to share.
afteral blog is a plce we release on wat we thought

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i never like to tell lies.
i read a book, i watched "corner with love"
i remember xiaozhu said" u tell one lie, u need to tell another to cover your 1st lie. then u need the 3rd lie to cover the 2nd goes on and on"
i believed wat he said.
because i tell lies before
buti never like to tell lies

however, i was forced to tell lies yesterday.
which i don feel good at all.
and i know after that 1st lie, i need a 2nd lie to cover it.
mayb in circumstances, i will need to have the 3rd lie.
but, i believe
i had to tell lies
for this situation

luckily, the lies i said
managed to prevent a conflict from happening

and i tell lies,
because i don want my gang to seperate.

remember, we one gang of frens
that's forever.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


dun remember when s the last time i feel regret.
Regret over SPM?
yeah, maybe..afteral wat i got was wat i deserved.
recently, i regret over so many things in the time of 2 weeks i think
now i know how much i hate this word
"wat if"
"wat if"
this 2 words keep cm into my mind.
ok, fine. i admit i lost.
please, those things that i not supposed to think
please leave me..

i remembered how many times i told my frens about my phrase
"my mind controls my action, not my heart"
well, after those incidents, i was wrong..
i m not strong enough to let solely on my mind to control my actions

please please
flies as fast as u can
then leave me alone..
i hate this type of feeling
i mean i hate

i wonder when i will learn the meaning of " immune"
hope soon.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We Are Chinese

i remembered one day, Crystal told me that the reason of one ex-classmate, who been in out class for merely one day,changed to other is that he cannot stand that our class many people communicate in Chinese.
sorry to say that he himself is a chinese, and he felt irritated that people communicate in chinese. that's a joke. JOKE i mean.
i feel ashamed of him. who cares if he cannot speak chinese well, who cares if he dunno how to speak chinese. but i care, when he dislikes chinese, strictly speaking, the language he supposed to speak and use.
i had a lot of frens, who cannot speak chinese well, or cannot write chinese. but at least, they did try to communicate in chinese.

1st--> Ong Gerald
well, he is from a english background family. and his chinese is not really that good, but he knows he is chinese. Even though he knew that SPM results might be affected, he still took chinese. i salute you!! thats the chinese spirit!!

My good fren, MEngHong, though he dunno how to write chinese, he can speak well. more encouraging is that he even know many of the chinese idioms.and, he is learning. clap clap clap.
not forgetting jessica, huiyi, jolwee, henry koh.they all dunno how to write chinese, but they speaks chinese. i remember Huiyi was learning chinese thru SMS last time.clap clap clap.
In TayloRs, my class got a few frens also have poor command of chinese. again, i put my hands together to Carlye, who cannot speak chinese well. but she tried, and she always learning chinese. she is also from a english background family and she was in private secondary school. does she discriminate chinese? no! clap clap clap.

mayb i left out a few frens here, sorry. but this already shows that they appreciate chinese. they are learning chinese, they speaks chinese. we are chinese

To those people who are chinese but discriminate chinese, i am sorry to say, you are not fit to be a chinese. you should feel ashamed of yourself for disliking the language, the language you supposed to say.Chinese are respected all over the world, chinese is all over the world, many people around the world is learning chinese, so if you are a chinese, and you choose to ignore your own language, you are the most stupid kind of people in the world. i know i am mean, but i am saying the truth. i am very proud to be a chinese, speaks chinese. if you forgot your own culture, you are nothing but a rubbish.

Sunday, August 5, 2007









Thursday, August 2, 2007


well, i not dare to say myself to be mature. but as age goes, i can see myself more mature than i was in form 5.
and recently, i found myself think more maturely. which brings me to unhappy. KAtherine totally agree with me, as she also tought that times in primary school is the happiest.
i cant remember when is the last time i sing song in class HAPPILY like i was everyday in form5.
i cant remember when is the last time i smile for the whole day.
i cant remember when is the last time i have a sincere chat with my friend.
it seem all so unclear. happy quietly creeping away from me. i try to make myself happy, but i cant.
i remember around 1 month ago, when i go back muar play futsal, lim wee chew kicked at me deliberately. to my surprise, i didnt scolded him or what. i just get up, and that's it. when i backed at home, i though back, yeah,i did a great thing. its him who is childish enought to retribute on me on futsal pitch? what he gets? a lil happy to see my injured? too sad then because i don even lost my temper.haha.
i had a fren, i consider him as my fren, though i dun really like him. his name is Joe Lim. i know him because of futsal. though i dun like his personality, i always think that he is a good boy.but..recently, he started to smoke. and yesterday, i found out that he addicted to it, and smoke non-stop. i suddenly felt so angry that how come he become like this. we all know that much a packet of cigarette cost.haiz.
now i can just pray that all my muar gang dun smoke. at least now we all can proudly say that we all are not smokers! yeah!
finally, i had a nice week as the charity is a total success. i was so proud of muar that our otak otak got all the compliments. it was not my effort, but somehow i m proud of my hometown!!!i guess all muar-ians are, too.

the happiest event recently-- went to shou gong mian with my gang. though that nite only 8 ppl turn out, it was really fun!
the saddest event recently--> .................................................................
keep it secret..
overall, i just hope i can find a lil happiness 2mr night, coz i will be going class party!!lets hope it will be a success.

Sunday, July 22, 2007




another week passed..
1st of all, got back my econs paper..14/20, B!B again..i was expecting 16/20.haiz.but then the only satisfactory will be that results is actually the 2nd highest in my classXD.Monday jessica jio go watch harry potter. frankly speaking, i thought : tak jadi de la..haha..who knows
wednesday, after coll, i was in pyramid, to watch Harry Potter!haha.its wasn't as nice as in the story book, but its quite nice too. mayb its because i m a big harry potter fans=p. after movie, Eugene jio me go eat steamboat dinner with william and ang with their TARC s classmates. i got to know Jack, Alan, Alvin, Jason, HEnry...can sense that they all very frenly.i felt a lil guilty for not joining JoeZEr and Foo for Futsal as they said one of their secondary school calssmate is back from week then? oops cannot! next thursday i'll have my accounting test.
talk about test..lets see how busy will i be at the start of 2mr..

Monday: legal research, and MATH COMMON TEST. both killing
Thursday: Account Common test
Friday: deadline for ECon s group assignment..luckily, i am same group with MJ,my class rep. she is serious and no doubt, i will be motivated.XD

i haven done anything for my econ and accounting assignment.account assignment's due date is on 1st of august if not mistaken. its really too busy lately! SAM is killing!

cant believe that almost all my muar fren went back muar.haiz.
Saturday morning i went library alone. how pathetic. luckily Stella accompany=p ended chatting with her more than i do math. anyway i managed to finish my legal research, yeah!
had lunch with joeZer and foo Rain and weejeen, as they going for library. called eugene, found that he and yeekait went to genting the day be4.haha.i went bec USJ,took bus. how frustrating it is as i waited for the bus for a long time.herk.when i naping, eugene called and said he n yee kiat gonna come find me eat.yeah.after study math awhile, i was about to swim. then i thought: why dun i asked them to come swim also?then..

Night we went Straberry Fields to eat, TaiPAn. those who read jessica s blog would know the place. its a nice place to go. the food there is extremely nice for me. jessica wrote in her blog the food there is ok X(. we 3 talked alot then. watching japan vs australia by the way. ended up in penalties which japan won.haha.

as for 2day, its a total disaster. after finished my math s revision, i felt so bored that i m updating my blog now.haha.sorry to tingXin that i did not manage to join her in midvalley. anyway, wish myself all the best 2mr. for math, and everything...

Sunday, July 15, 2007


after disappear for more than 1month, here i am, back in blogging.haha. came back to USJ at 4 something from muar. got to spend a few weeks here.luckily last night zhi ang zi khai and neo came to my house to find me talk, i mean i will not feel too lonely after this as i had a nice, long chat with them.haha. finally, my 3jie came back from taiwan, she bought me a nice nike shoes which cant find in small, 50th years old MALAYSIA. got chance i'll post the pics of it here.
Thinking back of last few weeks, i actually feel quite happy, as i busied myself with my legal research, which now i've passed up the draft. it always nice to be busy rather than bored, right? and more importantly, my phone bill had reach the satisfaction of my dad, as he never complaint the amount of money i used after MARCH i think. Save $$.haha.
LAst week i had a class outting to watch transformer, which almost all of my classmates said that its nice. for me, its ok only. no offence=p maybe its due to i never watch it when i was small.
To football, which give me the most inspiration, my idol, thierry henry,left ARsenal, my favourite club. the 1st question that many people asked me is that whether i will stop support Arsenal, my answer is:" obviously, no!". though his departure might be due to the possibility of departure of monsieur WenGer, i think the real reason behind his departure should be the ambition of Arsenal. though i am a big Arsenal fan, i think the club is fading, which cannot fulfil the dream that henry persuading. i felt too sad and angry that i even did not go out limteh with my friends when i received the news that he is leaving. haiz. wat to do. but think back, life needs challege and excitement, isn't it? i wish him all the best in the future. the present that jessica cilaka gave me: a biography of Thierry HEnry. might be the last henry thingy i keep.

this can only kept as memory. King Henry, all the best. i'll cheering behind you, now and always__

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


ONS player

1.Lee Jin Cai— Our team 1st choice keeper. Great reflexes and kept some one-on-one save. Improved a lot since form4. A reliable keeper. Kicking remains the main problem for him.

2.Ong Gerald—Right back. Hard tackler which sometimes scare the opponent. Born with great body. Needs to improve on stamina and perhaps marking.

4.How Lee Poh—defensive midfielder. Our captain, and no doubt one of the best. He is the bst tackler with great marking and heading ability. He is the soul of the team so far.

5. Teo Zhi Ang—left/centre back. Our team 1st choice left back. He has great stamina and speedy. A secret weapon which might kill any forward when he is on form. He needs to improve on marking and perhaps his confidence

6. Lim Wee Guan—right/centre back. He don’t have the shirt!haha but who cares. Again,he is a great tackle, with athlete speed. He is reliable and 1st choice full back. The only thing I can say is u need to come n play with us more often.

7. William lim—defensive midfielder. A makelele-style of player. Tireless at the middle of the field. A wall behind the defensive line. A strength and marking ability. He needs to have more accurate passer as it requires as a midfield

8. tey Kay vin—left wing/striker. The only pure left-footed player in our squard. Born with great pace and good in tearing the opponents defensive line away. Stamina will be a problem for him

9. yong hao jie—our team only pure striker.a rooney-typed of player.great advantage in the air,great header.great pace and everything required for a good striker. However, striker needs finishing

10.Tay Zi Li—attacking midfielder. Equally good in both foot made the defender to wonder which foot he will use. Curl some great ball and goal-instincted. I need speed!!and perhaps be more generous

11. Mavin yap—winger/attacking midfielder—the most skillful player with great pace.setting up chance for teammates and equally comfortable and the wing or any attacking position. maybe improve on left foot?

12.See Chia Hui—right back/centre back. Consider newcomer in our team, no doubt possess with great strength. Mentally stronged and use his advantages good. He still lack of football match practice, lack of experience.

13. Eddy Lim—goalkeeper/centre back. He is 2nd choice keeper and a great centre back. Great pace with great marking ability. Concentration remains biggest tunnel in front of him.

14. Tan Zi Khai—used to be an attacking player but since become defensive player. Determination is his advantages. He won everything when he is in form. Consistently giving energy. Need to pass the ball up faster.

16. Lim Beng Chun—centre-back. Solid centre back.calm and steady. Mentally stronged and does not drive into tackle. Great marker. Maybe defender needs a greater header ability

17. Neo Chi Chyn—defensive midfield/right wing. Again, determination. A great tackle together with lee poh. He posses the quality in the middle of the park. Spraying the ball to flanks made the team attacking sense smoother. Calm down guy!

19. Tan Jin Sheng—defender. Amateur player. However a fast learner and good in the sense of marking. Improve greatly and there are more to come in near future.

23. oh yaw theng—used to be keeper but since then become defender. Great passion on football. Put some great crosses before. Never-say-die is the spirit the we all wanted, and he gave us that. Still consider a new defender, need to improve in tackle.

Well, thats our best ONS united player. and above is my point of view, according to last year.haha.since then we never play in big field ady, how much i miss the time. and i speak out what i think about every player. got good and bad for each one. if you feel upset about wat i say, kindly tell me. i hope nobody will mind coz we all have our own weakness. hope all wun mind, coz we always the best!!yeah yeah.. the bad we cure it, the good we keep it!haha.
ONS player, what you think about each of our player?kindly post ur comment, and we improve! no critics no improve! wats good in our player?again, no compliment, no king! no offence here...

Saturday, May 26, 2007


1. it will be Tan Ai Mei. .
2. when 1998 world cup,8 years old
3. i got B for my science
4. i never really have big quarrel v chiaHui
5. i have 3 elder sister, and one younger sis

Do u get it right?
i hope u do..
its not tough though..


this week something bad both parties are my good fren, i wouls\d rather keep quiet, and hope everything will be fine soon. u can and might say i m a coward.well, to ur satisfaction , i m a coward.
since i realise blog can create so many problem.thus i shall talk anything about my frens next time. not even wil be totally about myself.a true, naked ZiLi.
well,just to summarise the whole week.i just finished my exam, and now back in Muar. had a bad futsal game, i dunno why. sorry to those i scolded(did i scold?)haha.ok, i sure i will improve next time.
and finally,hope everything will be fine~~ chill!! n cheers!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Do you know me well?

i am bored like decided to do this stupid things..

1. Who is the girl i like in primary school?(i admitted it last time)
A. Song Zhi Leng
B. Tey Xiao Yan
C. Tan Ai Mei
D. Katherine Kang

2. I watched football since i was
A. 7
B. 8
c. 9
d. 10

3. In UPSR,which subject i got B
A.Karangan bahasa melayu
B. English
C.Bahasa melayu kefahaman
D. Science

4. I never had big quarrel with...
A. wee guan
B. andrew chua
C.chia Hui
D. Lee Poh

5. I have how many sisterS?
A. 4

hehe..this jus the 1st posting..

Will have another level soonXD
Kindly post ur answer in comments..please..
Answer will be revealed soon

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


when so few people in KL,its sad to say that i m one of them.anyway,quote a sentence from my idol~~Thierry Henry;" try something special to be at the top of the world"haha.i so hope to be back to my favourite bed,sleep.though i cant.haih.but at least my family is here.however,lonely creeping into my life,quietly and unnoticely...

luckily today got yawtheng here to accompany me.those who know me well knew that i cannot stand a fren from muar certainly make me feel better.who cares if you don reply my message?-_-' at least i have got one friend here.we talked quite a lot him at midvalley at around 12.then we 2 guys shop shop til around 4.time runs fast,anyway its really nice to meet him.when on the way back to hotel,i thought back the topic we talked while in midvalley.

Life is cruel,reality is cruel too.wondered why this world keep changing.i suddenly think back last time.i remember my record of sms the same person in one day is around 180.then i checked my inbox now,there's not even 180messages in my inbox though i haven delete my inbox for 11days.and i realised most of them are from kayVin-_-",which is all about where r u?later eat where?life changes isnt it?never mind,sooner or later i will get used to the life.久了就会养成习惯。

talk about friend,i suddenly asked myself a many friends do i have?i remember long time ago in MSN.z3n asked me y my mood not good or something like that.then i said why you so concern?

z3n:coz u r my fren

well,its just a simple sentence.but it did crafted a deep deep sign in my heart,yeah,with this sentence,i knew you are my fren.i think maybe you yourself forgot that already.

i dun know wat am i crapping about here.anyway since its a diary,who cares?its mine.haha.

btw,i wont backstab people if he/she never offended me.but since u try to find matters with me,c'mon.i have more than enough time to entertain you.你老子我最近心情不好,别作我凸烂。

Saturday, April 28, 2007


well,i watched football since i was 8. 1998 world cup in France.i remembered when i was small,when dad wana watch football,then every family members "runaway".haha.then when world cup 98,my dad watched football till he was tired.that match was between Denmark vs dunno who.he wanted to sleep,so he asked me to help him watch for the last 10mins.i reluctantly watched that "boring" football my surprise,Denmark score in 87th min.i shouted and waked my dad was my 1st football match.i started to watch football since then.there were so many unknown countries,through newspaper,i saw France won thier 1st 2 match 3-0 and 4-0.i told my dad i wan support France.then dad said France was an average team(that time).but they actually went on to win that year's world cup,surprisingly.i spoted a lanky,speedy attacker,Thierry Henry,who became my idol in the end.since then,i addicted to football.

Watching EPL every saturday become a must for me.just when i almost forgot my 1st love Henry,he came to Arsenal.which i actually supported them because of their nice Highbury Stadium.haha.wat a coincidence.fate maybe.everyone who knows me knew that i supported Arsenal and Theirry Henry.last time,i used to get scolded from my dad because i supported a different team from my dad always say family should stay united(my family support MU).

i had a strong feeling on football,i think it brings lotsa knowledge to me.through football,i know almost all european countries and their capital city,sometimes by just looking at footballer's name,i can guess they come from which country.below examples are my mosr proudable knowledge.

1.Did u all know those surname got MC are originated from scotland.such as McCulloch,McCann.(which means that McDonald also originated from Scotland)
2.have you heard of Yugoslavia?it was a big country last time,but since then it seperates into many smaller country such as croatia,serbia,montenegro,slovenia.and all people originated from Yugoslavia wil have the back of their surname ended with ic.such as stankovIC,zigIC,stojakovIc
3.Italy has most handsome football player ever since 1998.(gals,check it out)
4.United kingdom made up of England,Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland.Ireland has NEVER been in United Kingdom.
5.Brazil speaks Portugese,not spainish.

its boring i guess.but seriously without football,without ziLi today.when i was standard 6,got my friend's dad every saturday night called me and asked which team i predicted wil win.after 4 years of watching football,my football knowledge was even better than my dad.its useless though according to dad,he said if i can remember my studies so well then better,hey,i got A1 for my sejarah in SPM.hahahahah.

actually football reflects our real life also.Arsenal,even since last time till now,always control the whole match,but they couldn't score to kill the the end,they even find themselves in the losing side.those have been follow football closely will notice this.always 25shots vs 2/3 shots,then the team with 2 or 3 shots in whole match win.the most painful match wil be FA cup final vs Liverpool.arsenal keep on attack,in ard 60-75th mins,they finally score through Ljungberb.but in the end?they lost again.liverpool score twice in final 6 mins.i cried badly,1st time i creid because of football.guess how pain i was,arsenal lost the cup in fianl 6mins.but in reality,thats the truth.who will ever remember that arsernal controlled the whole game.who will remember that arsenal denied 2 obvious penalty?no one!!they wil jus remember that Michael Owen scored 2 fanstastic.thats human,people will only remember the end.nobody will ever remember the process.who cares if you put in so much efforts in something?they will only remember if you success anot.who will remember if you really some really that close of getting something then let it fade away?again,the answer is no one.

in one football match,people will only remember the goal scorer or sometimes the assister.who will remember the player that works hard,run here and there?again,no one.people will only remember goalkeeper that saved penalty.who will ever remember those great save?seldom though.for some girls(i mean some).only see the handsome player.for newspaper,only great team will get attention.what about smaller team?

Football PlayerS that i admire.
1.Thierry Henry
2.Francesc Fabregas
Carlos Tevez
Paolo Maldini
Alessandro Nesta
Patrick Vieira
paul Scholes
Jay-jay Okocha
Dennis Bergkamp
Juan sebastian Veron
Roberto Carlos
Gianluigi Buffon

till the next time,bye from now

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

424..24th April

i recieved the 1st birthday wish from HuiRUan at 8smtg on 23rd april.she said she got tummyache which forced her to sleep early=p hey dude,wasnt it too early?haha.then 10smtg,this time is AiFang's turn then,wished me coz she gonna sleep early too.i was thinking,who will be the 3rd?haha.
Then was busy chatting in MSN till i forgot about my birthday was coming.until...beep beep..haha,yongChin wished me!good for him to have remembered his successor's birthday.
its nice to receive phone call saying happy birthday.thanks to cHiaHui and ZhiAng.Didnt disappoint me as i always tell my taylor's friends that you two considered the two i closest with.haha.though the person i wished to wish me didnt did..thanks to those who have wished me.

6 40a.m on 24April
i woke up and realise got 1 was from my sis,from Taiwan.3jie,thank you!!i wont dissapoint you,i promise!when i was bathing,i cried.i cant figure out the reason also.was it because i miss my 3jie,or i m sad cause "she" forgotten my birthday?tears rolled down unstoppable..maybe i want to be small kid always,grow up one year more despair.maybe i think back how happy was i last year,with you accompany me for my most important day in a year.was it really so hard to remember my birthday?a simple wish from you enough to make me happy.finally i settled myself down,yeah,at least i still have my buddies,though many of them not with me now.went to college with a cold mood

8:00 a.m
i was quite surprised that non of my classmates wished me.haha.dont matter,i just knew them few months.when sitting in library,i was counting those who supposed to wish me but haven.haha.quite a fewXD finnaly went LT5 for LAN class,JoeZer said loud enough happy birthday which made MR ARI heard.then he "forced" the whole lecture theater student to sing birthday song for me.when i entered the next class,only then Crystal said that they planned to ignore me the whole day,try to give me surprise.all blamed JoeZEr.haha.funny wishes from my classmates.touching sial.they actually made a card for me.thanks Crystal~~

haha,secret recipe cake~~yummy!!Thanks L1

The only thing that made me no mood that day was that i couldn't go back muar!!haih..have to wait til mother's day only can go back already..wuwu..

Monday, April 23, 2007

15April to 21 April..

For 15April to 21 April 2007..

Went bec KL by eugene's car,paid him rm15.haha.had kenny roger's roaster as dinner.its nice,isn't it?too bad i didnt have the chance to join they all for pool.another simple and non-excitement passed.had my legal studies test on tuesday and's not really tough,which make me scared actually.those elites sure can score very high marks X(.
the most-looking forward Friday finally reached.planned to eat bak kut teh with my classmates and KayVIn(supposed to have mengHong too,but he s on holiday),but ended up eating indian food with MR ARI.hey friends,u all know him~~he is the hamsap teacher that i always mentioned.the latest hamsap thing he did was to teach and demonstrate how to use condom=p he is superb!haha.though don get me wrong,he is really a nice lecturer.i'll miss my LAN class badly.compared to other LAN lecturer,his notes are simpler and far more interesting.haha.
oops,running outta topic.that indian lunch costed me RM14!!quite unbelievable.but overall its a nice experience.
we played futsal in the afternoon,which really sucks~~i bet haoJie and KayVIn sure agreed with me.all thanks to jia REN's "best friend",invited lotsa girls.its like shit!and i played badly-_-
we went to KayVin's house to bath then went to sunway pyramid.hey jessica cilaka,i til now haven get your present lez! our surprise,jol leen joined us.guess wat she said:
jol leen: so u r zili?i heard ur name many times already,now finally see you
make me paiseh sial.introduce Delwyn(my classmate from pahang) to them,as JoeZer and Foo they all knew already.we ate together and chilled up.too bad the time was too short.after that,they went to Club 7 for pool,i didnt join.haih,good student cant go out till too lateXD.
21st of April was the day i supposed to have my birthday party.too bad got scolarship i had to go take.haih.woke up early then dressed myself up and went to SS15 early in the morning.Nasi goreng kambing was simply delicious!nice!haha.finally attended the stupiak scholarship ceremony which prevented mr from holding party on 21st.regretX(
after that we went to KLIA with MengHong,KayVin,Jessica and yongHaw.Huiyi left to Australia again but coming back again on JUne,thats the reason William din cry?hahaha,joking joking~~
after that,we went to the most famous mamak store in PJ to have dinner+supper.i like roti HAwaii!nice sial..
Overall it was a dull weekdays with a nice weekends..surely this week will be better??

Sunday, April 22, 2007


it was a super-duper early party.but since it suits everyone ,doesnt matter.
i was thinking,wow,have a party with all good friends will be damn seemed to until
MengHong:ZiLi,where's that girl..
i pretended nothing happen,though i was stunned for 10mins.numb.afterall,thanks to all my frens who turned out that day.especially james and jessica who came bec from KL on saturday just for that simple BBQ party.thanks to you was nice,i mean to see u all together.we wont have that much of time to gather around already,right?hope u all keep it as memory.cherish. . . . . .