Wednesday, May 30, 2007


ONS player

1.Lee Jin Cai— Our team 1st choice keeper. Great reflexes and kept some one-on-one save. Improved a lot since form4. A reliable keeper. Kicking remains the main problem for him.

2.Ong Gerald—Right back. Hard tackler which sometimes scare the opponent. Born with great body. Needs to improve on stamina and perhaps marking.

4.How Lee Poh—defensive midfielder. Our captain, and no doubt one of the best. He is the bst tackler with great marking and heading ability. He is the soul of the team so far.

5. Teo Zhi Ang—left/centre back. Our team 1st choice left back. He has great stamina and speedy. A secret weapon which might kill any forward when he is on form. He needs to improve on marking and perhaps his confidence

6. Lim Wee Guan—right/centre back. He don’t have the shirt!haha but who cares. Again,he is a great tackle, with athlete speed. He is reliable and 1st choice full back. The only thing I can say is u need to come n play with us more often.

7. William lim—defensive midfielder. A makelele-style of player. Tireless at the middle of the field. A wall behind the defensive line. A strength and marking ability. He needs to have more accurate passer as it requires as a midfield

8. tey Kay vin—left wing/striker. The only pure left-footed player in our squard. Born with great pace and good in tearing the opponents defensive line away. Stamina will be a problem for him

9. yong hao jie—our team only pure striker.a rooney-typed of player.great advantage in the air,great header.great pace and everything required for a good striker. However, striker needs finishing

10.Tay Zi Li—attacking midfielder. Equally good in both foot made the defender to wonder which foot he will use. Curl some great ball and goal-instincted. I need speed!!and perhaps be more generous

11. Mavin yap—winger/attacking midfielder—the most skillful player with great pace.setting up chance for teammates and equally comfortable and the wing or any attacking position. maybe improve on left foot?

12.See Chia Hui—right back/centre back. Consider newcomer in our team, no doubt possess with great strength. Mentally stronged and use his advantages good. He still lack of football match practice, lack of experience.

13. Eddy Lim—goalkeeper/centre back. He is 2nd choice keeper and a great centre back. Great pace with great marking ability. Concentration remains biggest tunnel in front of him.

14. Tan Zi Khai—used to be an attacking player but since become defensive player. Determination is his advantages. He won everything when he is in form. Consistently giving energy. Need to pass the ball up faster.

16. Lim Beng Chun—centre-back. Solid centre back.calm and steady. Mentally stronged and does not drive into tackle. Great marker. Maybe defender needs a greater header ability

17. Neo Chi Chyn—defensive midfield/right wing. Again, determination. A great tackle together with lee poh. He posses the quality in the middle of the park. Spraying the ball to flanks made the team attacking sense smoother. Calm down guy!

19. Tan Jin Sheng—defender. Amateur player. However a fast learner and good in the sense of marking. Improve greatly and there are more to come in near future.

23. oh yaw theng—used to be keeper but since then become defender. Great passion on football. Put some great crosses before. Never-say-die is the spirit the we all wanted, and he gave us that. Still consider a new defender, need to improve in tackle.

Well, thats our best ONS united player. and above is my point of view, according to last year.haha.since then we never play in big field ady, how much i miss the time. and i speak out what i think about every player. got good and bad for each one. if you feel upset about wat i say, kindly tell me. i hope nobody will mind coz we all have our own weakness. hope all wun mind, coz we always the best!!yeah yeah.. the bad we cure it, the good we keep it!haha.
ONS player, what you think about each of our player?kindly post ur comment, and we improve! no critics no improve! wats good in our player?again, no compliment, no king! no offence here...

Saturday, May 26, 2007


1. it will be Tan Ai Mei. .
2. when 1998 world cup,8 years old
3. i got B for my science
4. i never really have big quarrel v chiaHui
5. i have 3 elder sister, and one younger sis

Do u get it right?
i hope u do..
its not tough though..


this week something bad both parties are my good fren, i wouls\d rather keep quiet, and hope everything will be fine soon. u can and might say i m a coward.well, to ur satisfaction , i m a coward.
since i realise blog can create so many problem.thus i shall talk anything about my frens next time. not even wil be totally about myself.a true, naked ZiLi.
well,just to summarise the whole week.i just finished my exam, and now back in Muar. had a bad futsal game, i dunno why. sorry to those i scolded(did i scold?)haha.ok, i sure i will improve next time.
and finally,hope everything will be fine~~ chill!! n cheers!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Do you know me well?

i am bored like decided to do this stupid things..

1. Who is the girl i like in primary school?(i admitted it last time)
A. Song Zhi Leng
B. Tey Xiao Yan
C. Tan Ai Mei
D. Katherine Kang

2. I watched football since i was
A. 7
B. 8
c. 9
d. 10

3. In UPSR,which subject i got B
A.Karangan bahasa melayu
B. English
C.Bahasa melayu kefahaman
D. Science

4. I never had big quarrel with...
A. wee guan
B. andrew chua
C.chia Hui
D. Lee Poh

5. I have how many sisterS?
A. 4

hehe..this jus the 1st posting..

Will have another level soonXD
Kindly post ur answer in comments..please..
Answer will be revealed soon

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


when so few people in KL,its sad to say that i m one of them.anyway,quote a sentence from my idol~~Thierry Henry;" try something special to be at the top of the world"haha.i so hope to be back to my favourite bed,sleep.though i cant.haih.but at least my family is here.however,lonely creeping into my life,quietly and unnoticely...

luckily today got yawtheng here to accompany me.those who know me well knew that i cannot stand a fren from muar certainly make me feel better.who cares if you don reply my message?-_-' at least i have got one friend here.we talked quite a lot him at midvalley at around 12.then we 2 guys shop shop til around 4.time runs fast,anyway its really nice to meet him.when on the way back to hotel,i thought back the topic we talked while in midvalley.

Life is cruel,reality is cruel too.wondered why this world keep changing.i suddenly think back last time.i remember my record of sms the same person in one day is around 180.then i checked my inbox now,there's not even 180messages in my inbox though i haven delete my inbox for 11days.and i realised most of them are from kayVin-_-",which is all about where r u?later eat where?life changes isnt it?never mind,sooner or later i will get used to the life.久了就会养成习惯。

talk about friend,i suddenly asked myself a many friends do i have?i remember long time ago in MSN.z3n asked me y my mood not good or something like that.then i said why you so concern?

z3n:coz u r my fren

well,its just a simple sentence.but it did crafted a deep deep sign in my heart,yeah,with this sentence,i knew you are my fren.i think maybe you yourself forgot that already.

i dun know wat am i crapping about here.anyway since its a diary,who cares?its mine.haha.

btw,i wont backstab people if he/she never offended me.but since u try to find matters with me,c'mon.i have more than enough time to entertain you.你老子我最近心情不好,别作我凸烂。