Saturday, November 3, 2007


Henry left, there s Walcott fill his boot.
when things gone, they say there s always a replacement.
yeaH perhaps Walcott is Henry s replacement
afterall, both of them are pacey, skillful, right-footed and most importantly, their intellegence.
As Arsenal climbing to the top of the premier league table, people start to forget Thierry Henry.
maybe thats the replacement people talk about.
again, illusion
As the fans thought(including myself) that we can forgot about our talismatic man, actually we dont.
when i saw Arsenal missing something on thier left flank, which "made" Clichy to attack more and more, actually Arsenal is missing Henry.
yeah, we all miss him.
walcott? maybe a useful player to Arsenal, maybe the next legend, but one thing, he can never be Henry

yeah, illusion
thats our live, isnt it?
As the precious thing gone, we always trying to find replacement,
but i will remember,
i've lost it
there can never be a perfect replacement
and even till now
i miss her.

will walcott be Arsenal legend?

you all must be thinking i m crazy coz this post is so random.
hope those who understand me will know the explicit meaning i like to share.
afteral blog is a plce we release on wat we thought