Monday, December 31, 2007

China Camp

took this outside the airport.i din know "shen Zhen" is just 30mins away to Hong Kong!

delicious breakfast there.

famous "xiang zi" bridge. its a bridge where the centre part is made up of boats. at nite time, the boats will remove, letting the other boats to pass through. at day time, the boat will form like the pic, to let people walk pass! its simply superb

"gu cheng qiang".To protect the town from japanese army last time. it just like what we saw in the movie!

went to the kampung area where my ancestors lived.
hahahaha.toilet without door, u dare to release here?hahahahahalike i promised, i will upload the photos i took in china. a camp without friends and family =s.
10days is a great experience. exposed myself to the culture of china. i started to admire our ancestors, come all the way from china.To go back and take a look there is great!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

King & Prince

The king is the one who rules the country.

he has 4 daughters and a son

A prince.

everyone thought that the prince live in a happy life, afteral, he is the only son the king has.

well, not everytime what we think is correct.

the prince cant remember when is the last time he and his father had a proper conversation.

the prince knew that whatever he did the king will have something to criticise about.

as it goes, the prince rather keep his things from the king

the king wanted the prince to study

the prince did

but whatever good results the prince got, he never get a compliment from the king.

as it goes, the prince dont even like to study

the prince s freinds always thought that he can organise thing, a princess from other country even said that the time management of the prince is superb.

the king devoted the prince
but he never try to understand what the prince think
he planned the path for the prince, where sometimes the prince has his own thought.
maybe the king has to let the prince to say out what he thought, maybe what the prince thought is better than the king thought.
the king rules the country, but doesnt mean he is a perfect person =p

Saturday, December 29, 2007


sometimes i just like to go out from my house or my room
a sudden pressure i ll feel at home due to certain reasons
i like go out, find myself a breathing place
afteral i know that next year i wun haave much of the time to relax
the real challenge is up
thank god i still have one week of holiday
so frens, when i ask u all out, please come out k?
haha..jus kidding
again, as we gotta celebvrate yonghaw s bday 2nite, another year gone.
i dunno why i oways don feel good when coming towards end of the year
one thing, to my taylors frens, i start to miss you all again!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

i was about to update with my china trip's pictures..too bad my comp is just too point i update my blog abt china trip's without pictures rite?
time flies, a year gone just like that.
i still can remember last year when i was confusinf on which course to choose from.and now i finished my SAM. Law programme starting soonX(
no doubt, this year passed too fast.
to sum up, this could be my best year,in the sense that i think i learned many things this year.
ugly faces, ugly hearts
life-long friends
i regarded this year is a year that challeged friendships, dont u think?
i lost contact with so many of my friends, because its just too busy!!!what a hectic year and i cant imagine how busy it will be next year.
anyway to achieve a satisfactory results is good, i now can totlaly relax for this remaining few days.
a BBQ party at my hz to gather back our friends is good.wish every1 the best in coming years