Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eduardo's injury --> my view and my thoughts

i guess everyone knows about the tackle that Arsenal no.9 Eduardo Da Silva suffered last saturday. it seems like a serious injury that would probably ends his career. right until now, there is still no guarentee on when he can come back into action. here is some pictures on the horror tackle from Martin Taylor.birmingham's defender.

i couldnt find the photo published on The Star last sunday. that picture will tell everything. but the 2nd picture here shown that his leg is broken. look at the bottom part of the leg, and the socks. its just sad.below's picture is a clearer one. the injury was so severe that Sky Sport don even wana show the replay.


talk about the tackle.

i personally think its a bad tackle, deserved a red card. suspension wise, i think 5matches would be sufficient. though i was angry with that tackle, taylor used one-foot to tackle, not two foot. and the fact that he did not "fly" into the tackle impliedly tell me that he did not intend to hurt Eduardo. i assumed that its just an accident

about the injury.

i think its bad.especially hurt for forward, as inevitably, their pace would be affected. the picture tells how severe the injury is

about his future.

it dont look convincing. we have examples of alan Smith recovered from injuury but sold to Newcastle. we have Djibril Cisse recovered from injury, sold to i think that Eduardo would recover, his career would be safe. but his Arsenal days might be ending.

i wish all the best to Eduardo for quick recovery. i hope to see him wear Arsenal jersey, runs, sprints, shoots, scores.All the best

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And 2day news was saying that Martin Palermo is joint top scorer in South America.
Clap Clap Clap.
im always impress with his positive thinking.!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

3rd time

Everyone hopes to do something successfully in one-shot.
If fail once, they hope they can achieve it by the 2nd chance.
Sometimes, there might be a 3rd chance, sometimes not.
Theirry Henry voted the World Footballer of the Year Runners-up for 2 times, he said, i will come back and get on the 3rd attempts. IT never happen though.=s
People talking about capitalise chances, else you wont go far in anywhere
Sometimes, there might not even be a 2nd chance, typically, all exams based in Malaysia are the examples.
In the other field, football for example,
when you missed a chance, there might not be a 2nd chance to score again in the same match
Martin Palermo missed 3 penalties in a same match in COPA America remained a joke in football.
Yeah, people looked back, laughter still can be heard.
I was impressed though, with him, his teammates.
him for missing the 1st, he had the courage to take the 2nd in the match, after 2nd missed, again, he steadied himself to take the 3rd.
He missed, unfortunately.
His teammates, for putting faith on him even though he missed twice.
To the positive side, he still taking penalties now.
Darius Vassell, English player if you dunno about him, currently playing for Manchester City. You might just known him as he scored against MU last week.
Who remember that he missed a penalty for England against Portugal in 2000?
he was a young lad that time. since then, his football career downswing and never look to recover since then.
BAck to my life.
i failed my driving test for 2 times.
Friends mostly laughed at me sarcastically. If i said i m totally unaffected, i would be lying you.
i dont really mind though, maybe i just not meant to be a talented driver?
Actually, this the 1st time i felt i failed so badly in everything gone in my life. In other things, i always at least reached a satisfactory level, at least to myself
Who(even myself) would thought that i will fail twice.
i was seriously thinking: what if i fail the 3rd?
i knew my mum was very disappointed.
she felt its very tiring to travel bec on monday and travel again bec to KL on tuesday is very wasteful
who to blame for, i didnt capitalise on my chance.
i remembered when i failed the 1st, chiaHui was saying, dont bluff me i know u passed.
i felt bad. its a faith shown by my buddy.
Sometimes a simple sentence ran outfrom your mouth might have a effect on someone, who knows.
i hate doubts on me.
i want faith shown on me
its like the same thing in football.
everytime when i wanted to shoot, zhi ang would shout "Goal"
he anticipated goal when i get into the dangerous zone and shoot.
okay, sometimes i missed alot.
but its a kind of faith and makes you feel that you are supported, ur teammates, frens are behind you for something.
maybe he himself dunno i actually like that kind of support.
its a without-word-encouragement.
i hate liars who said you are superb but then at your back saying come on, he sucks

Its a bullshit post which describe my feeling now.

P/S: i've done it, next is to kiss a gal?hahaha