Sunday, November 16, 2008





Thursday, October 9, 2008

after see-ing the 2006, now 2007

This picture i took with Rain, is the best i ever took. Look at brokeback mountain, but i really likethis pic!!!!Still think i didnt change at all.
I always anti-changes. dunno why.
my personality?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


People said i changed alot. I am wondering. is it?

I think Ang and Zi Khai change more than me lor. Ang's hair is much different, Zi Khai wont dress like this nowadays=p
You all waiting for more?See ChiaHui was much thinner last time. Neo look exactly the same only=pLook at Zhi Ang! last time was really " niao". His nickname given by me was 100% fit=p
And if you realised, look at my finger. 1+0 = 10. yes, number 10!!
Time flies. No matter what, muar is the place!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I had updated my blog quite frequently, just that i didnt post it out.
Had tough weeks, and i hope they are over now.
And im getting used to without a companion.
Solo Solo Solo Zolo. Maybe my nickname shall remind me of being solo
Anyway, since im posting it, i shall dedicate it to
Tan Meng Hong
He is officially in Liverpool, UK now.Good Luck!

Monday, September 15, 2008

just finished packing my stuff.. going off to office again
guess wat, Im going JB for a business trip with lawyers!!!!!!
should be tonight's flight
wish me good luck=p

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tag -- Four Four Two, The boy's a bit special

1. Nicknames:
Zi Long, Joker, Bali, Ziki (its all bullshit) but if someone suddenly shouted joker in the middle of no where, i will turn back=p Chiahui used to call me "long ar" though

2. Team Supported:
Arsenal since i was 8 and till i die. the theme of my blog show how much im in love with Arsenal. I liked Lazio when Veron,Crespo were there. Barcelona and Atletico Madrid for Spainish team, of coz, Barca coz of thierry Henry

3. Strenghs:
Im fleet-footed, the ability to use both legs remain my strong play. I guess my intelligence on the pitch?

Everyone knows - my speed. im just too slow. and my strenghs, tough defender makes horrid time for me.

5.I play a bit like:
Adrian Mutu or a more attacking Zidane. Of course im nothing compared to them, but i think the style is alike. I like to cut in from left. Like wat Thierry Henry like to do, just that my speed is too slow!

Theirry Henry! I see him grow, now seeing him retiring=s

Two goals against Chung Hwa with my right ankle injured. Both goals scored by left foot, it was then i started learning left foot.

8. Lowlights:
Last year vs Chung Hwa. i was sick and i m pracitcally useless in the 45mins. it was really bad performance

Its really fun doing this. brings back all the memory. too bad none of my mates write blog=s Mr Lai Mun Onn, u wanna try it ?hahahahaha.. Yaw Theng, do this if u update ur blog

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And she's gone to Poland! I really hate KLIA, everytime need to control my emotion and you know wat, im going there again next week!!
Had a tough week, i wanna see the picture!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008




Thursday, August 21, 2008

My weakness

"You plan everything way ahead. Sometimes u can just let the things go, without planning it. Because if you planned it and failed it, you'll upset. thats not good"
Thats roughly what she meant. yes, im saying Crystal Gan! it was only last year i realised it. i shouldnt plan things too much. somethings must be planned, some are not. i thought i woke up. Sorry Crystal, i made the same mistake again. I should not have planned so much for this. It didnt work out. And i m upset. deeply.
Maybe thats what Cikgu Alina said when i was in Form 5 " kamu cakap boleh, buat tak baleh. Tay ZiLi hanya tin kosong" and Penny Wong agreed, though she said its her first impression only. maybe they are right.
Im always proud of my post in Scout last time. Ketua Activity. I planned all the activities in scout. i left with only one regret, failing the Gunung redang thing. And today is the second time i had the same feeling when i handed my post to Dong Yean that time.
History does repeat itself.
Its proven.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

JooKim's farewell party


i finally got back my pendrive 2day. parents came up from Seremban where they had functions. sisters had been here since yesterday, which means shop shop shop=p
Back to the theme of this post, Chua "Juki" had her farewell party last saturday. She is going off to Poland. JPA student. yeah, impressive since primary school. lets see, know her since standard 5, now . . . 8 years! Wanted to give her a surprise, but cilaka neo chi chi. $!#$@#%!@#$
Right before party, i only realise that i forgot to bring back my wax! see the hair after i bathe and preparing to go =s

Start of with JooKim, good luck and all the best in Poland ya. future doctor!And Muar ppl can take photo well huh=p wat a post, everyone! ZHithree "rubbish" of 5 Wawasan. And we continue to rubbish-ing.
Group photos=pHow can i forget to do my typical pattern? William did a perfect post with me=pThis is the best=p tsktsk.thats after party=p

Yeah, we need party. to gather everyone together=p next up, mengHong ?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

15 to go

cant wait for tomorrow, can wear casual to office=p sisters all coming up on saturday, means i cant go back muar. thinking of last week poor performance, really hope can go back and play again=s
finally got the RM600 from the firm, gotta banked in. haha. haven call shearn delamore yet. what kind of world is that, we work for them and they dun pay any! at least transport fee?
super disappointed that malaysia left chong wei in Olympic. Wong Choon Hann and Mew Choo threw away their game. KK and Boon Heong got no eyes to see. wasted my 2hours waiting for them yesterday. KK was so arrogant. hey you arnt the best in the world!

Monday, August 11, 2008

18 to go

its getting tiring. all the hustles. Rm1200, rm 1200
and now im lagging. sis sms said that my pendrive was in my pant's pocket! luckily didnt spoilt. huuhhuu. eyes getting heavier. 2nite sleep earlier! hope 2mr s job wun be so bored.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

19 to go

omg, forgot to bring back my pendrive! cant upload on photos on saturday nite jookim's party and thursday award ceremony. garn.
as expected, football skills got rusty, legs were heavy, shot was inaccurate. "severely lacking of match fitness"
i realised muar gang should always have gathering. the last gathering we had was dhiraj's farewell, and wat? he returned after 1 sem in india, we had one semester without any gathering! tan meng hong, urs the next! make sure ur farewell party held!
p/s: lazy to go back to work. its getting boring. remind myself of 1200 again.

Friday, August 8, 2008

21 days to go

at muar now, watching olympic opening ceremony
not too interested. waiting to go out later. cant wait.
huuuuhh. another 3weeks to go. time is flowing slow.
cant wait for futsal 2mr, without the wish though
and to my L1-ians in australia, how r u all?!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

22 to go

gone. happy. sad. thinking. emptiness.
choose one and bang.
hope worth the journey for dad n mum.
hope so.
and no prawn mee today. haih

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

23 to go

i dun like the way taylor's act. called up my parents when i had double confirmed with them that they are not going ! whats so great about the ceremony! nothing! all the way from muar to KL then from KL bec again. aarrrggghh!
anyway, good thing is, im taking half day leave! escaping myself from the work.haha.i dun wan to be lawyer next time. hectic!
i wish i got doraemon, then i can have the time machine. will i ?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

another 24 to go

its always nice to meet up with muar-ians. had my dinner with jessica and eugene. long time never see her dy, and i said i was gotta have dinner with her since last week=p today only know that there are foods in asian avenue! not badXD so eugene, 8533 on 30th august ?haha
Arsenal scored lotsa goals the last 5mins of the game last season, never say die attitude was there. miracle sometimes happen. it didnt happen to me though. 10p.m creeped through, and i found nothing. final whistle gone, game is over. punishment time=s
its time to sleep. my daily routine is so simple yet so tiring. the news that we might need to work on saturday is not pleasant, not at all.

Monday, August 4, 2008

another 25 to go.

realised i have a long time didnt update my blog.
i went to redang the week after my exams, the day after the trip, started working in a law firm.
im actually like the life now. wake up early in the morning, go to work, come bec in evening/ night time, eat, play comp awhile then sleep. hope keep myself continuously.
hope can go bec muar this week. i need to.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It was early in the morning, when mum called me saying that daddy was in hospital
in China.
Mum was crying and i wanted to, too
But i cant.
Acted like i was strong, telling my mum not to worry, i was worried actually.

Handphone rang again.
This time is Zhun Kit, asking for my number, he was in college.
I guessed the results would be out too.
It turned out to be a good news.
I was happy, no doubt.
I was happy, my mum finally got something to cheer for while worry about dad.

It means a lot to me. If only dad didnt had anything
it will be better.
Anyway, there is always rainbow after the rain, isnt it ?

I reached my goal this time around, finally.
I was telling myself, why not give it a go.
Thanks for myself. Tay Zi Li.
You are there to prove people wrong.
And you got the reward for yourself.
I almost cry, indeed.
Perhaps its been a long time since i make them proud.

Out of expectation, never think that i can do better than what i expected.
I should be happy.
and yes i am.
if only my GPL and Criminal can get higher.

So muar people, one 'xi mi lu" for each of u all ?
I can afford rm1.2 though.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Criminal Law
i cant believe i screwed up my best subject. i was aiming to get one of the top in my class, but i think i will end up even failing! Guarentee one of the lowest in the class already. And i still cant get over it. All the hardwork and further reading -- gone
Contract Law
i must say, Ms Sunitha really inspire me. There is only one thing in my mind, i must get above 60 and get the surprise present from her. Im the only one who got this privillege.haha. nice huh? i think i did ok. hopefully can get the surprise prersent! thanks ms for contract law. it was the toughest subject, but when i got into the hall, it was like not that tough at all!
Tort Law
What you expect. i cant possible how many cases we need to remember for tort. hundreds and hundreds of cases without case list. nothing! and my brain is like blank when i got into exam hall. I think i managed to pass. Just.
General Principles Of Law
Tay Zi Li's prediction is always accurate. this statement i always say. 50% consider accurate? no no no.. seems like i gotta stop saying this phrase. anyway i prepared the 50%, so hopefully i can score it. i crapped alot in GPL. if its correct, 2nd upper is not a dream, if its wrong, i cant think of the consequences.

anyway, exams finally over! the joy was only 30mins. after that i feel the emptiness again. life is so pathetic when you are aimless. hmph. looking forward to busy myself with the law asia mooting stuff and august, attachment! thinking of what should i do in September. .
The smiles after exam. my Blog got photos after all!!!haha.

Monday, July 7, 2008

i screwed up my criminal.
i put in extra effort
yet the answer i wrote out its like a student who never study
people say dont dwell over it.
i cant even answer to myself.
and people still thinking i will do well
as if i am so stupid that dunno where i stand
contract played important part
i badly needed a boost
it delivered.
i hope i didnt disappoint Ms Sunitha
i set the standard lower this time
and its more satisfactory as i didnt put in so high expectation
maybe im too much into it.
its not how much you studied
but how well can you answered
backfire me once and the remaining two,
wait and see
learnt a lesson and rearing to go

Friday, June 27, 2008

Who wanna act as a supporting role in the series?
Me? obviously no.
i want to be the main actor, the main one.
the one that story cannot goes on without me.
but i learned.
to be a supporting role in a series can be tougher than the main actor.
maybe no one will notice,
maybe no one will ever know.
but without a supporting role, the series cant be completed.
im learning.
to be a supporting role,
maybe no one notice.

sometimes when the series is not meant for me,
perhaps if i take up supporting role,
my contribution can be even more.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

1st time

i was so happy!
i finally scored a direct header!!
wat a day!
the ball went out, i dashed into the area, william saw it. chip it, and i managed to glance the ball into the wrong side of keeper, top corner.
now think back, i thought i was celebrating like a baby!
haha. but i was really thrilled.
i scored once in KL, but the keeper got a hand to it
and i finally did it in Muar!
its really great to play futsal again.

i was somehow not in the mood, that brings me back to Muar.
and im happy!haha
comp broke down
cant update blog so often.

Friday, June 13, 2008

exams starting in 3weeks.
the mood was not there. i mean exam mood.
seems like i didnt study much throughout the year (6months) and
all of sudden, im finishing my 1st year.
comp broke down, in lib now.
how i hope i can upload my photos
my blog had been dull.
next time then.
then is always something to stop you in whatever u try to do.
face it.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

it feels worst when u dunno what u r doing.
and i dunno what am i doing.
i try try try and keep trying
i wonder how come all joys and laughter creeping away from me
i start to ask myself, what i want actually
even myself cannot give the answer
its like a phantom
and i dunno what to do
now i must try to find an answer, the one that satisfies me.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

i keep silent. thinking and thinking.
im somehow lost the track, i dunno where to go.
one day and one day, it still seems so unclear.
i just want to finish the work, as soon as possible.
and i realised its been a long time since i played futsal.
i just wan to play, now.
no, i cant

Saturday, May 31, 2008

this the 1st time i updated my blog twice a day?
somehow i find here can be the safest place to express, sometimes, not everytime.
just came back from law dinner, held in Sime Darby Convention Centre. i actually dunno the exact way to go there, from NKVE. i usually took LDP.hehe. Should i thank Rain? thank you lar=p i was so happy when i directed frens to reach there!
the law dinner was okay, better than what i ve expected. a few hours of entertainment was really good.
wanted to do my WC now, but . . . . .
hey i feel so much better when i said it out!haha. thank you.
2mr must be productive. i must finish the 1st part of WC. its a promise to myself.

Friday, May 30, 2008

i remembered the 1st time when people praised about my ability to act was in Standard 3. i told my teacher that if i want to compete in the competition in mediacorp, i can easily get the champion without any difficulty. My teacher actually agreed. Yes, that was me in primary school. Confident and arrogant.
My talent to act continued in Form 2. I acted as William Hung is a drama for MP. For me, acting comes naturally. The drama i directed in Form 4 still become my pride and passion.
I was wrong. To know that i cant even hide it when i supposed to, i failed completely.
The calmness was missing. The joy, too, was missing.
The smiley face was so fake.
I would be kicked out in the preliminary round if im entering into the acting competition.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Its unfair. Different standard.
Its just like being cheated.
I cant believe it.
How could it?
Fine, maybe im the one dunno the rules.

WC is killing me.
i read read read
think think think
still nothing.

somehow i hope to see you.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

things had been extremely calm for the past week, i mean emotionally.
i basically stuck in my room for most of the time. either watching conan, study, reading cases or listening songs.
like i said, i love to work. busy keeps me happy.
i will have my mooting tomorrow. i hope it will be fine.
i dun like been replaced/ substituted. this is not i should get after all.
im not when you want you call me, when you dont want you dump me.
im always 1st team, dont put me to the bench and expect me to score when you are losing.
im suppose to be in the 1st 11, bringing you the victory since the beginning.
since you put me in the bench, please let me leave.
thank you.
i dont like been changed.
im changed
and i have change too.
it's over

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finally i passed up my criminal assessed work 2day. i somehow not dare to print out the paper in the library 2day. after all the efforts put in, i still feel that there is something missing, to tink of it carries 20% of my final marks, its really scary.
anyway, at least it has passed. now gotta work for the moot next week. i know it will be a good training for us , the future lawyers, but i think it come at the wrong time. writing credit is knocking the door, and its a subject. i have to prioritize on it=s

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

im tired. really tired. i can feel the pressure.
good thing for me usually, keep myself busy
overwork not that nice though.
im overcoming everything, now.
next week? i shall think next week.
writing credit prevails over mooting
man prevails over destiny
went to parliament=p i'll be there one day again, different status

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

7th of May, time flies. many tutorials and assignment and moot and writing credit coming up. gotta be busy. so this post is just to make sure that i ll at least have some entries in May. trust me, i ll be really busy=p
Flamini gone. I always think that he would stayed as he is guarenteed a first team place. Wish him at the best in the future as he had done a great job this season. Its time for Diaby and Denilson to step up.
Going back Muar again this weekend again as Mothers Day is on this weekend. Cant wait for another futsal match
Hope everything works for me this week. All the best to myself
Pic of today : Looking forward in different way.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Wednesday, April 30, 2008






Tuesday, April 22, 2008

22th april

its going to be a long day. planned, satisfied, and sleep.
till i open my eyes again, everything is just beautiful.
getting closer and closer, fading without a notice given.
come on, next time perhaps.
i have my own ideas, my name is ZiLi

Monday, April 21, 2008

Serve, and served.

its 21st of april, its chiaHui s birthday 2day. 19th. old sial. =p
yeah, one year gone just like that. too bad tis year we dont have a joint party. apparently mine and his is just 3 days seperated. we did birthday together for the past 2 years, always a successful one. how i hope i can have a party this year, its time to gather all the friends together. but due to some reasons, there wun be one this year, i know chiaHui wanted to, so do i, but....sorry ar=p
ZhiAng was saying he would wish chiaHui earlier than i. it didnt happen though. im always punctual, haha. i will go back in May, u said u gotta treat me.haha. sometimes i serve, sometimes u serve?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

i had a 2 and a half hours break yesterday.wanted to call kv to ask where is he, its been a long time since i last saw him,imagine, we r in the same college. ended up eating with classmates and played pool. they suggested to go to the ADP library, which is far better. i sensed that i shouldn't be going there( thats why i asked them to play pool).
indeed, i ended up hiding myself. i just look from far. i saw a happy face, smiling, talking to frens. there is one, no, two. or maybe more. seems like settling well. thinking not to disturb, i walked out the library. its hard to describe the feeling. the distance was so close, yet so far. i should be happy, at least that she is not alone, good.
im easily swayed by emotion. pull the trigger, blump. my friend was asking me whether i can be quiet for 10mins. i can quiet for the whole day. i always tink i m me when playing ball. or in my room.
i got 56 for my contract, surprisingly, i got the highest! joint highest, with kristine. haha, i never expected it. but see, 56 is the highest, its like just pass half the mark.haiz. i dun really happy though, m i peaking now? i always tink that i m sort of bell shaped people. if i reached the peak, i ll fall down soon. i rather i fail. like tort. then i ll have the determination to work for it. ok, had been wasting my time playing FM and reading blog. now its time for contract. u see, im not that lazy!haha

Monday, April 14, 2008

This post is for William, since he requested it.
Okay,final score, 2-1.
He called me during half time. i said the most Arsenal could get is a draw and most probably MU will win. Arsenal perhaps have a glimmer of hope if the scoreline kept at 0-0 until Wenger brings in Walcott.
it came through.
Arsenal did score 1st, i told chiaHui dun happy so fast. yeah ,MU equalised within minutes.Sloppy defence brings them into trouble again. by the time Wenger intro Walcott, 1-1, the momentum is on the MU side dy. A great freekick, nothing keeper can do.
so to my thoughts.
i think Gilberto maybe lack of match fitness which cause him to act slow. Gallas sometimes reckless. Toure has been outta form since ANC. Song is the only surprise that not so surprise. like i said, very good players brings u 2nd or 3rd place. Ronaldinho seems available, why not have a try? Samir Nasri and Benzema still in French League, get them out!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

its comma, not full stop

They made my SAM life colorful. they did.

Yeah, they are in the plane now. will reach Sydney on 6 10 morning on 7th of April. They, not he. its plural. joeZer and szeZhan (its kind of weird to call his name - foo), yes foo, are going to Australia. it will be a year the next time we meet. Futsal, party,pyramid all ran through, passed. i hope i can see foo in sep, he will be coming back for his grandpa's bday for 2 days.
i really cherished the time we had in SAM. we never lose contact after SAM, we will continue that, arnt we? i will be keep my eyes open to see whether they online in MSN. Its a comma between us, full-stop? never! the essay never ends like this.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Qi Yue Qi Ri Qing- 七月七日晴

Intro another song. Very nice. Everytime when i feel bored, this song keep me companied.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A scene, a thought and a disaster.

Wednesday perhaps be my last time of seeing Joe be4 he n foo leaving to AUstralia this sunday. After futsal, chiahui was with me and we went to Rain's hz to watch Arsenal, kicked off at 2;55 a.m
We took approximately 1hour30mins to reach PJ. What a good public transport system Malaysia has.=s
A scene. i was reading my beloved Contract Law textbook in RapidKL when suddenly chiaHui walked up and gave his seat to a pregnant lady, yeah i actually noticed that lady came on the bus but i never really notice that she was pregnant.( i was too concentrate on my Contract?=p) Chiahui is always a good guy. the bus was packed. next, an old man with a crutch came on. yeah i knew its my turn to do it. i did. Next there is a blind couples board onto, no one actually give away their seats!WTF i was thinking. Finally a women of early 50s i guess gave away hers, and an Bangledeshie did the same.
A thought. i was ashamed with the scene. in the whole rapidKL there are simply more than 30seats, why cant others that supposed to give seats give? i saw a security guard (young), a few Indians, Some Malays. why we need a woman at 50s to give away hers? why cant the security guard did? why cant Malaysians automatically give their seats and a BAngladeshie where often discriminated did such thing? i felt ashame.
A disaster. Arsenal drew again. again they are not supposed to draw. Referee, open your eyes. stop denying Arsenal.haiz. i got nothing to say as i thought Arsenal performed well, so did the fans and everyone except the referee.
Everything might just gone after your denial. i just hope you dun regret too long. =p

Monday, March 31, 2008

The day when i see the possible revival of Total Football

Half time, 2-0 down, 1 man off. Come back seems impossible especially when ur not winning for 5matches in the BPL.
U need something special to do it. Wenger did.
On the hour mark, he bravely intro Adebayor n Walcott into the pitch. and its all different.Monsieur Wenger took off Senderos, centre back, to subs with Walcott. an attacker.
by then, Arsenal shift Toure to the centre, with Gallas. in Fact, walcott was asked to play as Wing Back with Clichy. so the formation seems to be 2-5-2.2 defensive players as seen in the formation wise, but when Bolton attack, Clichy drop back, Walcott, and Flamini too. make it 5-3-1.
Basically, Walcott was alone on the right flank. i could see Gallas in the penalty box of Bolton, where Flamini dropping back to fill his gap. Adebayor drop tp the left, while Hleb and fabregas make forward runs. look at the 2nd goal, it was the initial Flamini shot that lead to it. yeah, even him attack. see where was Walcott, in the penalty area also, a wing back. but Van Persie, a striker, was way behind the goal.
that was the essence, everyone can attack, everyone can defend. defender attack then attacker drop back to defend. with the change of position, it make the defenders diff to defend. we couldn't see the diffrence between 10men or 11men. becos everyone is covering each other.
i watched the only Dutch game of 1988 2yrs ago, TOTAL FOOTBALL. one match and i m in love. A shadow of that is enough for me.
Final score, Bolton 2- 3 Arsenal

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The strong one doesn't always win, the one who wins is strong"

this is the phrase used by Franz Beckenbauer, the 1st player who played the position as "sweeper". though in modern games, the position seems to be out dy, but frens that play FM should know this position.
i personally very like this statement.
i heard his interview about his famous statement. i was totally admired with his thinking.
who cares if u r considered the so-called "strong", u don win, u arnt strong.
people will only remember the winner. there will only be a winner, a strong team, a strong player.
of course i think this not only applies in football, but in real life too. the one who wins is strong.
its a encouragement for me actually, before giving any fight, no one knows who is strong.
Since young, i always think i need to equip myself to be strong, then be a winner, which sometimes makes me arrogant. now i know that, there are many factors leading to success. just being "strong' wun bring u to anywhere. at the end of the day, the winner is strong. u r not strong if u have not won.
People might think its sounds extreme, maybe i didnt use the proper English to present my thoughts. i m too lazy to type out in Chinese
i put it in chinese : 强者不一定胜,胜者是强的
strong businessman in making =p Come on!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Stop playing us --> my views and my thoughts

Arsenal drew again last night. again, against a lower team. Everyone was saying that it comes to the stage where Arsenal are dropping in the title race, conceding it to MU. Well, maybe. But there is something i would like to say here.
Referee is playing his part in the title race!
i ll take last nite match as an example.
Adebayor scored a perfectly goal ruled offside. the referee was within 5yards away, yet he looked to the linesman, who is around 20yards away for advise. he was in an offside position, but the ball played to him was the opponent, not his teammates! hey mark halsey, did u pass your referee lisence test?
To the goal scored by Middlesbrough, the referee awarded free kick to them when he ruled that Adebayor fouled. it was a mere body contact and he blew it. shortly after the goal, Eboue was checked by Pogetetz in the area [ much worse than the contact Adebayor made that constituted to a freekick], and he said play on!
My point is, Arsenal could have won the game easily, but the referee spoil the game.
i wun be argueing if this is the 1st time i feel referee gone against Arsenal.
Against birmingham [where Eduardo broke his leg], its never a penalty for Birmingham. Clichy clearly touched the ball, perfect tackle. it was further affirmed by Martin Tyler, the most influencial commentator in premier league.
The impact u all see here is 4 points, but its not the case actually.
imagine if Arsenal collected all 3 points in these matches, their confidence is high, there are still leading the table. in the road for title race, mental plays the biggest part.
okay, i m not putting all the responsibility on the referee but merely stating my dissatisfaaction on the standard of referring we had in the last few weeks, especially it all went against my team.
i'm predicting MU to be the premier league champion, Barca or MU the UEFA champion.
Arsenal need another season, and a natural left winger. i stated it many times. Mr Wenger, are you aware? Downing is an option.
Football is the field where i release my anger and frustration.
Back to contract now. =)
i hope there is a surprise 2mr, i hope. stating again, hope

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dhiraj's farewell

i was back in muar last week, mainly to attend Dhiraj's farewell party. he is going to India to further his studies. Another fren gone. Haih. i'll let pictures do the talking.

Cam-whoring before the party. notice that the hair was ok.

Joker singh and i..

The shirt that everyone of us signed in. i personally think its quite nice!haha
Us! its nice that almost everyone was there


See my hair, sucks! the wax was totally useless. haha. anyway, 4 rubbishs of 5wawasan with dhiraj

Monday, March 3, 2008

Gathering [L1]

Yeah, we had a gathering at rain's house. its been quite a long time since i last saw Crystal. really long huh? i mean i used to meet up with joeZer,rain, foo, delwyn etc. its nice to meet WeeJeen again=p many couldn't make it though. Eng Yeou, Jean, Carlye. hey where r u all? ok Jean was in Australia dy. =s
Here is some pics taken.

Us! the last time we took photo together should be 2 months ago?

Wee Jeen and i..looking for the future in seperate ways.
Crystal and i.. she just cant leave TIMES of her begXD
Me and Rain. Glad that we keep in touch always!

Me and delwyn. should have come Taylor's huh? anyway, i like this photo.hehe.

Random pic.haha

It's really nice to meet up. When is the next gathering?