Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We Are Chinese

i remembered one day, Crystal told me that the reason of one ex-classmate, who been in out class for merely one day,changed to other is that he cannot stand that our class many people communicate in Chinese.
sorry to say that he himself is a chinese, and he felt irritated that people communicate in chinese. that's a joke. JOKE i mean.
i feel ashamed of him. who cares if he cannot speak chinese well, who cares if he dunno how to speak chinese. but i care, when he dislikes chinese, strictly speaking, the language he supposed to speak and use.
i had a lot of frens, who cannot speak chinese well, or cannot write chinese. but at least, they did try to communicate in chinese.

1st--> Ong Gerald
well, he is from a english background family. and his chinese is not really that good, but he knows he is chinese. Even though he knew that SPM results might be affected, he still took chinese. i salute you!! thats the chinese spirit!!

My good fren, MEngHong, though he dunno how to write chinese, he can speak well. more encouraging is that he even know many of the chinese idioms.and, he is learning. clap clap clap.
not forgetting jessica, huiyi, jolwee, henry koh.they all dunno how to write chinese, but they speaks chinese. i remember Huiyi was learning chinese thru SMS last time.clap clap clap.
In TayloRs, my class got a few frens also have poor command of chinese. again, i put my hands together to Carlye, who cannot speak chinese well. but she tried, and she always learning chinese. she is also from a english background family and she was in private secondary school. does she discriminate chinese? no! clap clap clap.

mayb i left out a few frens here, sorry. but this already shows that they appreciate chinese. they are learning chinese, they speaks chinese. we are chinese

To those people who are chinese but discriminate chinese, i am sorry to say, you are not fit to be a chinese. you should feel ashamed of yourself for disliking the language, the language you supposed to say.Chinese are respected all over the world, chinese is all over the world, many people around the world is learning chinese, so if you are a chinese, and you choose to ignore your own language, you are the most stupid kind of people in the world. i know i am mean, but i am saying the truth. i am very proud to be a chinese, speaks chinese. if you forgot your own culture, you are nothing but a rubbish.

Sunday, August 5, 2007









Thursday, August 2, 2007


well, i not dare to say myself to be mature. but as age goes, i can see myself more mature than i was in form 5.
and recently, i found myself think more maturely. which brings me to unhappy. KAtherine totally agree with me, as she also tought that times in primary school is the happiest.
i cant remember when is the last time i sing song in class HAPPILY like i was everyday in form5.
i cant remember when is the last time i smile for the whole day.
i cant remember when is the last time i have a sincere chat with my friend.
it seem all so unclear. happy quietly creeping away from me. i try to make myself happy, but i cant.
i remember around 1 month ago, when i go back muar play futsal, lim wee chew kicked at me deliberately. to my surprise, i didnt scolded him or what. i just get up, and that's it. when i backed at home, i though back, yeah,i did a great thing. its him who is childish enought to retribute on me on futsal pitch? what he gets? a lil happy to see my injured? too sad then because i don even lost my temper.haha.
i had a fren, i consider him as my fren, though i dun really like him. his name is Joe Lim. i know him because of futsal. though i dun like his personality, i always think that he is a good boy.but..recently, he started to smoke. and yesterday, i found out that he addicted to it, and smoke non-stop. i suddenly felt so angry that how come he become like this. we all know that much a packet of cigarette cost.haiz.
now i can just pray that all my muar gang dun smoke. at least now we all can proudly say that we all are not smokers! yeah!
finally, i had a nice week as the charity is a total success. i was so proud of muar that our otak otak got all the compliments. it was not my effort, but somehow i m proud of my hometown!!!i guess all muar-ians are, too.

the happiest event recently-- went to shou gong mian with my gang. though that nite only 8 ppl turn out, it was really fun!
the saddest event recently--> .................................................................
keep it secret..
overall, i just hope i can find a lil happiness 2mr night, coz i will be going class party!!lets hope it will be a success.