Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Delwyn! :)

I should blame you?
if not you, I wont feel empty in LL.B - cause i might think that it is normal once i m away from my hometown
if not you, I might think that walking alone, study alone is normal once i m away from my hometown.

BUT because of YOU,
Im like lacking hand in LL.B
A wonderful Pre-U afterall isnt that great huh?:P

You painted my Pre-U, and continue painting it with the limited time we spent together after that :)

I owe you a birthday present, i know :P
but i dont owe u a card now
proud mou coz you are the 1st person I write a post on for birthhday!! :P
dont say i treat sexy legs extra good liao


Friday, January 15, 2010

Its in English.

Human sucks. We like to talk about people, gossip, comment and complaint.
Whatever we see, its always something bad. And we dont like to keep it to ourselves, instead, we talk. We spread, we want to get approval from people on what we think.

She sucks; she s the reason behind the breakup; she is not a good girlfriend.
For once, I belongED to that category: the one that likes to comment.
That is how stupid we are: without knowing the whole story, without seeing the whole picture, we made conclusion.
I guess my science subjects' result because of this too: we dont carry out the experiment, we made conclusion once we see the question.
We dont look at the whole picture, whats unknown, we ignored.
Pathetically, that is how we are.

We did not care how the one got attacked from feel, we care for our pleasure, for our conversation.
We didnt realise people remain silent doesnt mean they dont disapprove what we said:
We, sadly, live in our own fantasy.

It was all when me myself experienced it, I've learnt.
I had that perception before even though I did not say it out,
and it proved to me it was a big slap right on my face.
I realised what happened on me, might well happen on other people.
For the victim, cheers, we know ourselves what we have done, and what we had.
For gossipers, continue living in your fantasy: comments, gossips. .

You're more pathetic.