Thursday, August 21, 2008

My weakness

"You plan everything way ahead. Sometimes u can just let the things go, without planning it. Because if you planned it and failed it, you'll upset. thats not good"
Thats roughly what she meant. yes, im saying Crystal Gan! it was only last year i realised it. i shouldnt plan things too much. somethings must be planned, some are not. i thought i woke up. Sorry Crystal, i made the same mistake again. I should not have planned so much for this. It didnt work out. And i m upset. deeply.
Maybe thats what Cikgu Alina said when i was in Form 5 " kamu cakap boleh, buat tak baleh. Tay ZiLi hanya tin kosong" and Penny Wong agreed, though she said its her first impression only. maybe they are right.
Im always proud of my post in Scout last time. Ketua Activity. I planned all the activities in scout. i left with only one regret, failing the Gunung redang thing. And today is the second time i had the same feeling when i handed my post to Dong Yean that time.
History does repeat itself.
Its proven.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

JooKim's farewell party


i finally got back my pendrive 2day. parents came up from Seremban where they had functions. sisters had been here since yesterday, which means shop shop shop=p
Back to the theme of this post, Chua "Juki" had her farewell party last saturday. She is going off to Poland. JPA student. yeah, impressive since primary school. lets see, know her since standard 5, now . . . 8 years! Wanted to give her a surprise, but cilaka neo chi chi. $!#$@#%!@#$
Right before party, i only realise that i forgot to bring back my wax! see the hair after i bathe and preparing to go =s

Start of with JooKim, good luck and all the best in Poland ya. future doctor!And Muar ppl can take photo well huh=p wat a post, everyone! ZHithree "rubbish" of 5 Wawasan. And we continue to rubbish-ing.
Group photos=pHow can i forget to do my typical pattern? William did a perfect post with me=pThis is the best=p tsktsk.thats after party=p

Yeah, we need party. to gather everyone together=p next up, mengHong ?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

15 to go

cant wait for tomorrow, can wear casual to office=p sisters all coming up on saturday, means i cant go back muar. thinking of last week poor performance, really hope can go back and play again=s
finally got the RM600 from the firm, gotta banked in. haha. haven call shearn delamore yet. what kind of world is that, we work for them and they dun pay any! at least transport fee?
super disappointed that malaysia left chong wei in Olympic. Wong Choon Hann and Mew Choo threw away their game. KK and Boon Heong got no eyes to see. wasted my 2hours waiting for them yesterday. KK was so arrogant. hey you arnt the best in the world!

Monday, August 11, 2008

18 to go

its getting tiring. all the hustles. Rm1200, rm 1200
and now im lagging. sis sms said that my pendrive was in my pant's pocket! luckily didnt spoilt. huuhhuu. eyes getting heavier. 2nite sleep earlier! hope 2mr s job wun be so bored.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

19 to go

omg, forgot to bring back my pendrive! cant upload on photos on saturday nite jookim's party and thursday award ceremony. garn.
as expected, football skills got rusty, legs were heavy, shot was inaccurate. "severely lacking of match fitness"
i realised muar gang should always have gathering. the last gathering we had was dhiraj's farewell, and wat? he returned after 1 sem in india, we had one semester without any gathering! tan meng hong, urs the next! make sure ur farewell party held!
p/s: lazy to go back to work. its getting boring. remind myself of 1200 again.

Friday, August 8, 2008

21 days to go

at muar now, watching olympic opening ceremony
not too interested. waiting to go out later. cant wait.
huuuuhh. another 3weeks to go. time is flowing slow.
cant wait for futsal 2mr, without the wish though
and to my L1-ians in australia, how r u all?!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

22 to go

gone. happy. sad. thinking. emptiness.
choose one and bang.
hope worth the journey for dad n mum.
hope so.
and no prawn mee today. haih

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

23 to go

i dun like the way taylor's act. called up my parents when i had double confirmed with them that they are not going ! whats so great about the ceremony! nothing! all the way from muar to KL then from KL bec again. aarrrggghh!
anyway, good thing is, im taking half day leave! escaping myself from the work.haha.i dun wan to be lawyer next time. hectic!
i wish i got doraemon, then i can have the time machine. will i ?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

another 24 to go

its always nice to meet up with muar-ians. had my dinner with jessica and eugene. long time never see her dy, and i said i was gotta have dinner with her since last week=p today only know that there are foods in asian avenue! not badXD so eugene, 8533 on 30th august ?haha
Arsenal scored lotsa goals the last 5mins of the game last season, never say die attitude was there. miracle sometimes happen. it didnt happen to me though. 10p.m creeped through, and i found nothing. final whistle gone, game is over. punishment time=s
its time to sleep. my daily routine is so simple yet so tiring. the news that we might need to work on saturday is not pleasant, not at all.

Monday, August 4, 2008

another 25 to go.

realised i have a long time didnt update my blog.
i went to redang the week after my exams, the day after the trip, started working in a law firm.
im actually like the life now. wake up early in the morning, go to work, come bec in evening/ night time, eat, play comp awhile then sleep. hope keep myself continuously.
hope can go bec muar this week. i need to.