Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i never like to tell lies.
i read a book, i watched "corner with love"
i remember xiaozhu said" u tell one lie, u need to tell another to cover your 1st lie. then u need the 3rd lie to cover the 2nd lie..it goes on and on"
i believed wat he said.
because i tell lies before
buti never like to tell lies

however, i was forced to tell lies yesterday.
which i don feel good at all.
and i know after that 1st lie, i need a 2nd lie to cover it.
mayb in circumstances, i will need to have the 3rd lie.
but, i believe
i had to tell lies
for this situation

luckily, the lies i said
managed to prevent a conflict from happening

and i tell lies,
because i don want my gang to seperate.

remember, we one gang of frens
that's forever.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


dun remember when s the last time i feel regret.
Regret over SPM?
yeah, maybe..afteral wat i got was wat i deserved.
recently, i regret over so many things in the time of 2 weeks i think
now i know how much i hate this word
"wat if"
"wat if"
this 2 words keep cm into my mind.
ok, fine. i admit i lost.
please, those things that i not supposed to think
please leave me..

i remembered how many times i told my frens about my phrase
"my mind controls my action, not my heart"
well, after those incidents, i was wrong..
i m not strong enough to let solely on my mind to control my actions

please please
flies as fast as u can
then leave me alone..
i hate this type of feeling
i mean i hate

i wonder when i will learn the meaning of " immune"
hope soon.