Sunday, July 22, 2007




another week passed..
1st of all, got back my econs paper..14/20, B!B again..i was expecting 16/20.haiz.but then the only satisfactory will be that results is actually the 2nd highest in my classXD.Monday jessica jio go watch harry potter. frankly speaking, i thought : tak jadi de la..haha..who knows
wednesday, after coll, i was in pyramid, to watch Harry Potter!haha.its wasn't as nice as in the story book, but its quite nice too. mayb its because i m a big harry potter fans=p. after movie, Eugene jio me go eat steamboat dinner with william and ang with their TARC s classmates. i got to know Jack, Alan, Alvin, Jason, HEnry...can sense that they all very frenly.i felt a lil guilty for not joining JoeZEr and Foo for Futsal as they said one of their secondary school calssmate is back from week then? oops cannot! next thursday i'll have my accounting test.
talk about test..lets see how busy will i be at the start of 2mr..

Monday: legal research, and MATH COMMON TEST. both killing
Thursday: Account Common test
Friday: deadline for ECon s group assignment..luckily, i am same group with MJ,my class rep. she is serious and no doubt, i will be motivated.XD

i haven done anything for my econ and accounting assignment.account assignment's due date is on 1st of august if not mistaken. its really too busy lately! SAM is killing!

cant believe that almost all my muar fren went back muar.haiz.
Saturday morning i went library alone. how pathetic. luckily Stella accompany=p ended chatting with her more than i do math. anyway i managed to finish my legal research, yeah!
had lunch with joeZer and foo Rain and weejeen, as they going for library. called eugene, found that he and yeekait went to genting the day be4.haha.i went bec USJ,took bus. how frustrating it is as i waited for the bus for a long time.herk.when i naping, eugene called and said he n yee kiat gonna come find me eat.yeah.after study math awhile, i was about to swim. then i thought: why dun i asked them to come swim also?then..

Night we went Straberry Fields to eat, TaiPAn. those who read jessica s blog would know the place. its a nice place to go. the food there is extremely nice for me. jessica wrote in her blog the food there is ok X(. we 3 talked alot then. watching japan vs australia by the way. ended up in penalties which japan won.haha.

as for 2day, its a total disaster. after finished my math s revision, i felt so bored that i m updating my blog now.haha.sorry to tingXin that i did not manage to join her in midvalley. anyway, wish myself all the best 2mr. for math, and everything...

Sunday, July 15, 2007


after disappear for more than 1month, here i am, back in blogging.haha. came back to USJ at 4 something from muar. got to spend a few weeks here.luckily last night zhi ang zi khai and neo came to my house to find me talk, i mean i will not feel too lonely after this as i had a nice, long chat with them.haha. finally, my 3jie came back from taiwan, she bought me a nice nike shoes which cant find in small, 50th years old MALAYSIA. got chance i'll post the pics of it here.
Thinking back of last few weeks, i actually feel quite happy, as i busied myself with my legal research, which now i've passed up the draft. it always nice to be busy rather than bored, right? and more importantly, my phone bill had reach the satisfaction of my dad, as he never complaint the amount of money i used after MARCH i think. Save $$.haha.
LAst week i had a class outting to watch transformer, which almost all of my classmates said that its nice. for me, its ok only. no offence=p maybe its due to i never watch it when i was small.
To football, which give me the most inspiration, my idol, thierry henry,left ARsenal, my favourite club. the 1st question that many people asked me is that whether i will stop support Arsenal, my answer is:" obviously, no!". though his departure might be due to the possibility of departure of monsieur WenGer, i think the real reason behind his departure should be the ambition of Arsenal. though i am a big Arsenal fan, i think the club is fading, which cannot fulfil the dream that henry persuading. i felt too sad and angry that i even did not go out limteh with my friends when i received the news that he is leaving. haiz. wat to do. but think back, life needs challege and excitement, isn't it? i wish him all the best in the future. the present that jessica cilaka gave me: a biography of Thierry HEnry. might be the last henry thingy i keep.

this can only kept as memory. King Henry, all the best. i'll cheering behind you, now and always__