Monday, May 10, 2010

time flies, it really does.
1 year passed just like that.
i remembered in dear john, the lead actress said: just 14 days (2 weeks) of happiness is enough to cover the pain for 1 year.
I thank for having good memory, because i dont have many photos to remind me of what happened. but my heart remembers, it does. and i like to play it from beginning until the last kiss over and over again whenever i do miss you. its plain beautiful.
Like Jerry Yan's song - 1 metre. we are far away from each other - soul-ly.
I remember the tattoo, oh, I dont even have to remember it. It pierced in my heart.
And like Yoga's lies, when I walk along the street with lesser and lesser people, I realised: I missed the pain that you gave me.
Like Jay Chou's + Fang Wei San said: if breakup is the beginning of pain and sadness, then before it ends, I would like to love again.
so here's the 3 songs that i mentioned:
do listen to them though the 2nd one i bet you all had :)

Jerry Yan: 1 metre

Jay Chou: gui ji

p/s: I miss scoring goal, or should i say: the celebration after scoring goal. :(

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