Saturday, May 22, 2010

I miss:

1. The day when I felt dead tired and lied on the sofa. Our 2nd day :(
2. The day when the girl forego beautiful dress and went for sporty T-shirt.
3. The day when you stopped me from watching football so that we can concentrate talking

The day that I post this post, is the day i determine to put all these behind me.

On the other note, I just realised that...........

too many clouds covered the brightness of the sun.

Jay Chou once sang: I was sad not because I didnt get the award.
ZiLi now sang: I was quiet not because I was sad, I was just: nothing to say. :)
Show Luo once sang: I tell jokes to cover my sadness.
ZiLi now sang: I tell jokers not because I like to, because I know perhaps, I can bring a lil laughter to the ones around me :)

You know what, i really cant bear myself to watch any wedding ceremony. I really cant.

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