Sunday, May 2, 2010

Angmoh: you have a f****** good left foot.
I: ..... *smiles back shyly*

That is the best compliment i can get here in the UK, and perhaps the best compliment i received for a few years? :)
Even though it may sound nothing or casual, I do feel so happy with the compliment! !
I am naturally right footed, and now, I am fleet footed.
Sometimes, I dont even know which foot to use.
Just as i thought my short and uncolourful football "career" might come to the end, that showed me a glimpse of hunger and a glimpse of hope.
Perhaps .. perhaps, I am not so useless on the pitch after all :) :)

p/s: I have to thank oh yawdog for that tackle that injured my right ankle in form4, which forced me to start using my left foot :)

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